Classic Rock Bottom

by "space in your face" Jon

Galactic Cowboys--Long Way Back To The Moon (November 2017)

1. In The Clouds

2. Blood In My Eyes

3. Zombies

4. Amiserawas

5. Losing Ourselves

In This Moment--Ritual (July 2017)

1. Oh Lord

2. In The Air Tonight

3. Rover Of Fire

4. Twin Flames

5. No Me Importa

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Galactic Cowboys - Thumbs Trending Down

Is this grunge?  We should have Yngve and Scott discuss that question.  My first impression is somewhat King's X"ish".  But really, it's just a very down beat, down tuned, down something type of music.  It really drones on and on.  The vocalist isn't particularly good.  The guitarist is good.  The production is bad.  I can't get into this at all.

No. I think it's Nu Metal.

Eh, Scott?

No, it's not nu metal or grunge.

It's Galactic Cowboys.

I suggest you stay out of it and let the experts decide about that.

Scott?... The ball is in your court.

Galactic Cowboys

Nothing ever draw me to this band, however I gave it a good listen. The playing is OK, but the vocal is dragging down these songs. Strange, the article I saw about them calls the band VERY melodic. I don't know, what was the author on at the time he wrote that, because there is no melody in these tunes, whatsoever. False advertisement and therefore...

Thumbs Down

In This Moment

"Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz? / My friends all drive Porsches, while I'm just levitating in the air." And that's how the lust for material things will make you summon the demon and sell your soul to him. The deal will be sealed with a Phil Collins cover, but they can do worst than that. Finally, with Track #3 we get to hear some originality. In This Moment I had to look up the band and behold... It's the American version of the Japanese group known as the Baby Metal, with little bit less dress. I'm not complaining. Here on out is not bad. Not good either, therefore...

Thumbs Even.

Fun Fact: Kevin Churko, who produced the album is the son of Mr. Churko who was the music teacher at the elementary school to both of my children, back in Moose Jaw, SK.

IN THIS MOMENT ... Two Thumbs down for now

Thats awful scary cover art!  Maybe I shouldn't be listening to this!  That megaphone effect on the openers vocals don't really help me get into this, but...  the tune is interesting and the production nicely done!  I'll skip over the cover tune...  The songwriting is the issue here too much similarity in this that kinda mutes the listening experience.  She can sing no doubt, now cut her loose, let the band rip and knock off that weird filter they keep holding her back with, until then this is a NO for me.

In This Moment - Thumbs Below Horizontal

I have to agree with Scott's assessment of the vocal effects in that first track.  They are super annoying. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't understand why bands screw with vocal effects like that.  Track two is a slight improvement, but her delivery in the first half of the song is also annoying.  It gets better as the track approaches the end.  

She reminds me a bit of Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless with a more powerful ability to scream.  

Twin Flames is the best track here.   Can't say I'm interested in this, but I do appreciate the listen.

GALACTIC COWBOYS ... Thumbs slightly below level.

There are tiny moments where the band feels like it wants to go in some progressive direction and then they pull it away!  There's no melodies, there's some of that droning RJ mentioned, but unlike Kings X there's some texture and some interesting moments, this is appealing kind of like Farmikos is appealing but just a step beneath that bands interesting meter IMO.  Not grunge though it has that down tuned appeal, AllMusic says Heavy Metal but I'd lean more into the  Alternative genre.  I liked tracks 1, 2 and 5 fairly well.  Vocalist is definitely not helping them...


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