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Cheap Trick - Christmas Christmas

1. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day

2. Merry Xmas Everybody

3. Remember Christmas

4. Father Christmas

5. Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)

Europe - Walk The Earth

6. Kingdom United

7. Pictures

8. Wolves 

9. GTO

10. Turn To Dust

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Well...I don't see that there was ever a call for Cheap Trick to do a Christmas release and so far it remains the one official release from the band that I have not bought.

And I wrote my review of the Europe CD so you know what I thought of that one.

Cheap Trick

It's not unusual for artists to put out X-Mas tunes. A whole album worth of songs for the season might be a bit much though, but not unheard of. There was time I would buy them and then the novelty wore off. That being said Track #1, 2 and 4 do a great job to put me in the Christmas mood. Track #3 doesn't do anything exciting and the last track is too punk, however, it was well executed, therefore...

Thumbs 3/4 up.


Heard the whole album and I like the full on Classic Rock sound Europe is changing to, even though they don't always quite get there. The previous album was a tad better, but Walk The Earth has it's moment and a possibility to grow on the listener. I really dig how the piercing synth sound changed to Hammond organs and there is no complaints at Norum's guitar playing, therefore...

Thumbs 3/4 up.

I wasn't gonna buy the Europe disc because it's been about 25 bucks on Amazon since it was released, but I noticed last night it had finally dropped to 14 so I picked it up.

Cheap Trick--Thumbs Up

Nice collection of HOLIDAY tunes, nice version of The Kinks song too. Damn, the way they're going we're going to see another album in a couple months!

 Europe--Thumbs kinda 3/4 up

Pretty mellow, but interesting. Didn't really have interest in this, just because, even though I have their previous 4 or 5 released because they got pretty good. Might purchase this, but at a later date.

Agree totally with you on CT.  They are turning out some product these days.  No arguments here.

I've only listened to the first 3 songs on the Europe album so far, but those three give me a better sense of goodness than the previous release (but I liked everything since their rebirth before that one).


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