Classic Rock Bottom

by "I almost forgot to post" RJ

Junkyard - High Water

1. Walk Away

2. Faded

3. Cut From The Same Cloth

4. Styrofoam Cup

5. Hellbound

Sweet & Lynch - Unified

6. Promised Land

7. Walk

8. Afterlife

9. Make Your Mark

10. Tried & True

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JUNKYARD ... Two thumbs trending down

No idea who this band is but they are clearly influenced by ACDC.  If you're going to be an ACDC knock off band then you gotta to bring something special to the mix, kinda like Krokus did (until The Blitz anyway).  Airbourne is another ACDC knock off than is capable of doing it right (though not lately).  The ingredients are here, decent riffs, nice guitar work, a somewhat Bon-like vocalist.  I guess their "twist" is a bit of southern rock influence as well, its an interesting listen but ... the songs don't quite live up to the bill...  Who is this band?

SWEET & LYNCH ... Thumbs trending down.

Maybe its just me, but the latest Stryper, while good, sounded very much like their prior album, and this one sounds like another Stryper album with some amp'd up riffs.  Not such a bad thing but also not such a unique thing.  Promised Land is not a good start to this either.  Walk has moments most of which belong t Lynch's guitar work.  Afterlife and Make Your Mark didn't grab me at all.Tried and True is by far the best track here, its one I really liked.  But 1 of 5 will not translate into a purchase.  I liked their previous album enough to buy it, but now it sits in the collection rarey played and that's the leading indicator I used to leave this one alone.  

Junkyard--Middle thumbs

have the first Junkyard album and that's it. Didn't know these guys were still around until I saw this as something I would like because of my past purchases and it really didn't hold any interest to me so Amazon was wrong. Other than the song about the cup, it sounds like Junkyard based on my knowledge gleaned from their first album. That cup song is just awful.   

S&L-Thumbs down

It sound like they're going extra-epic but they seemed to go completely overboard which made this almost a joke. Kinda like Blind Guardian's "Night At The Opera" but at least they were having some over-the-top fun. This was just way to earnest, way too serious and just not much fun. Lynch is much better in KXM.


Started out with a nice Punk like energy, but the tune wasn't very memorable. After that, it switched into a slower gear, (I'm not complaining), but the songs remained to be docile. I couldn't get into the singer either. He was trying too hard. It sounded like he desperately wanted to hit the can, but someone wouldn't let him leave the recording area. Therefore...

Thumbs Down

Sweet & Lynch

This was much more enjoyable than the Junkyard. Despite his age Sweet can still perfectly hit those high notes and these might be the best Lynch-guitars I heard in a while. I'd say, Unified is an improvement over their last CD. I do like this one, even though it doesn't reach the quality of the Sweet's latest solo project and it doesn't force me to look for the other songs on the album either, therefore...

Thumbs Even.


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