Classic Rock Bottom

by "..............." Jon

Greta Van Fleet--From The Fires (November 2017)

1. Highway Tune

2. Flower Power

3. Edge Of Darkness

4. Talk On The Street

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HANSEL AND GRETA VAN HELSING FLEET ... Two Thumbs almost all the way up!

Can you be TOO much like Zeppelin?  Man they are twinners for sure.  I wonder if the site any other bands other than Zeppelin as influences, it doesn't sound like they could.  No doubt this is very solid, the songwriting is good, the playing rock solid. Flower Power is killer, that's a cool tune. So is Talk On The Street, that's a great riff!   I may pull the trigger on this one.

Greta Van Fleet

Sure, they did their research on 70s Rock, however they failed to figure out what makes it tick. They draw from LZ, but all I hear is LZ rejects. None of these songs are Kashmir, Black Dog, Whole Lotta Love etc. (you get the picture), which only makes them wannabees. The lyrics to Highway Tune is downright laughable and it doesn't get any better. No originality whatsoever, therefore...

Thumbs 3/4 Down.

Sigh, I listened to this the day before yesterday and typed out a nice long comment.  Then, for some reason, it wouldn't post on my iPad, which is all I had with me.  Bummer.

They, for the most part, only sound like Led Zeppelin because of the singer.  Well, that first song just sounds like Zeppelin every way possible.  But the rest of it sounds like Robert Plant singing for a southern rock band.  Quite honestly, that's all I can remember.

I had this on my Amazon Wish List and even went as far to place it into my cart.  But I couldn't pull the trigger.  And I think that I'm glad of that, because after listening to these four tracks, I just don't have the desire to buy this.  


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