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Black Country Communion - BCCIV

1. Collide

2. Over My Head

3. The Last Song For My Resting Place

4. Sway

5. The Cove

Father John Misty - Pure Comedy

6. Pure Comedy

7. Total Entertainment Forever

8. Things It Would Have Been Helpful to Know Before The Revolution

9. Ballad Of The Dying Man

10. Birdie

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I really really like this band, their debut and the album "2" are really really exceptional, still spin those!  I really really like Hughes last solo album "Resonate", it's just a non-stop jam-fest.  This really really works as well, but it is getting hard to tell the difference between these albums.  As much as I really really like what I'm hearing it's truly really really the song "The Last Song for my Resting Place" that's driving my desire to just buy this and make it a complete set. What a really really freaky good song!  Should've been song of the year last year but I did not own this in 2017, so that's my excuse...  Who am I foolin', I'll pull the trigger on this sooner than later, its been in and out of my cart ever since we smashed and trashed the lead off track Collide! Really really...

You're right about that song, it is killer.

Black Country Communion

Their first two albums nearly ended up on my shelves. Since then they've been producing some good music too, with few tracks I do appreciate, like "Collide" here. However, it feels like they are slipping in the terms of quality. Not much, but they aren't winning me over, yet. Therefore...

Thumbs 3/4 Up

Father John Misty

Father who? (In other words, Who's Your Daddy?) You see I already made a joke. This must be one heck of a funny album. Even the title indicates: Pure Comedy. Bring it on!

WTF? This album hits me with waves of disappointments. First of all, it's not funny... AT ALL. Then, as I was looking for Waldo on that very detailed cover, I couldn't find him. If you can, please let me know. He should be the one with the red and white stripes. Singer/songwriters often take the easy way out, concentrating on the words and neglecting the music. Father whatshisface, falls into that trap. I like good lyrics, but without good music it's just poetry. Write a book. Therefore solely on the strength of his blah...

Thumbs 3/4 Down

FATHER ELTON JOHN MISTY ROWE ... Thumbs flat but maybe a little bit up?

I'm a little weirded out that Misty Rowes name came to mind, not in a bad way mind you, she was smoking' hot back in the day but just a weird word association.  I love the album cover, and yes I had the Wheres Waldo thought as well, but its a cool cover to stare and find things.  I'm getting such a Elton John vibe on the opener, which I kinda dig!  Its a very nicely written, played and produced tune.  The second track lost me though, but the title of the third song (which is too long to type) did make me listen.  The drum track on this third song is classic Elton John production.  Clearly this is the major influence of this this dude.  I like the feel of the electric piano on this as well.  The song gets noisy in the middle though, that didn't seem necessary.  The songs from here sorta blend into each other, and what was a great start melted into a just an interesting listen but it ran slow...  Cool find, but I'll pass on purchase!

By the way, who is this?

Father John Misty is a pseudonym, his real name is Josh Tillman.  He was in the band Fleet Foxes.

I discovered this through the Netflix series Bloodline.  Ballad of the Dying Man was featured and I really dug it.  I also get the Elton John vibe.

Just an FYI, this is Misty Rowe, one of the Hee-Haw gals...  Youre Welcome

BCC--Thumbs kinda up, I guess

I have a couple of their albums and, while they're good, there not something I have revisited. Think I maybe listened to them once apiece. This is good, but it's one of them that I don't think I'll wanna listen to a lot. There's really nothing that grabs me that makes me wanna listen to it again. Very listenable but just not something I need to have.

FJM--thumbs going down, I think

Yep, sounds like Elton John, but then he mentions Taylor friggin' Swift and those thumbs start going down. Are they an item or something. Is she going to mention him in a song and it's gonna get all cutesy and everything and then he'll join her "army" and then they'll have a bitter breakup and she'll write a thinly-veiled song about him?


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