Classic Rock Bottom

by "I got nothing" Jon

Saxon--Thunderbolt (February 2018)

1. Thunderbolt

2. Nosferatu (The Vampire's Waltz)

3. Predator

4. Sniper

5. Speed Merchants

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Saxon - Thumbs Sideways

Hey, it's not bad.  Isn't this the second straight week for a OWOBHM post?  Seems like it.  

Seriously, musically this is pretty good.  Sometimes the vocalist sounds okay.  I probably should know who it is, but I don't. At times he makes me thing a bit of that guy from Nazareth.  But not as good.  The songs feel a little pedestrian. They don't seem to have the pop that the samples from Judas Priest had last week.

I can't say I've ever been a fan of Saxon.  I don't own any of their albums.  I have thought about checking them out a bit more.  But this didn't exactly strike my fancy, so maybe not.  This didn't feel like a waste of time for me, but it also isn't purchase material either.

Saxon - Thunderbolt

Saxon is one of those cursed bands in my collection. Meaning, I love one of their albums so much, that nothing they do after can come even close. For Saxon it's Denim & Leather that sets the bar. That doesn't mean this or any of their other albums are bad, heck, I even own few more Saxon releases, but Thunderbolt ain't D&L. That being said, and if I'm to assess the album on its own merit, it is a good listen though. Nothing (except that guest growl) sounded out of place. Decent addition to their catalog. Heck, even the speed of each song is correct. (Unlike the Judas Priest album.) While Judas Priest has a MUCH better overall catalog than Saxon does, lately the Saxon releases kick JPs a**. Therefore...

Thumbs Even.

On second thought, maybe this is as good as Judas Priest's new one...


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