Classic Rock Bottom

by "......." Jon?

The Motels--The Last Few Beautiful Days (March 2018)

1. Punchline

2. Lucky Stars

3. Machine

4. Tipping Point

5. Criminal

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The Motels

Another band I only heard of. Well, maybe I have one or two songs from them on one of those One Hit Wonder compilations, but don't ask me which one.

Sounds a bit like K2 to me, without the guitars and other prominent instrumentation. Maybe New Wave-ish? Although, there is very little individual New Wave albums in my collection, I do like to listen to the music of the 80's and not just the hits. This is pretty divers even if it isn't overly original. A nice listen indeed and the "Tipping Point" could be that One Hit Wonder I would expect from a New Wave band. Therefore...


So the Motels are still around huh?  Let me just say that the lady (Martha Davis?) can still sing quite well.  She has a very sexy voice.  That much has not changed.  Didn't she play bass too?  I wonder if she still does that.

Anyway, this was a good listen.  It was an easy listen.  Nothing at all here made me want to turn it off or hit the stop button or change channels.  I liked all of the songs, but there was just one thing that can be considered a negative.  Even though the songs were good, none of them were great.  Nothing really hooked me.  

So, with that being the case, I guess my verdict would be:

Thumbs Even


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