Classic Rock Bottom

by Yngvich "your friendly Eastern Yuropean komšija" 

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ZELE - Internal Waves Of Love 
CD ℗ 2017 (Oct. 20) 

1. Internal Waves Of Love
2. Missing You ft./ Tony Martin
3. Tsunami
4. Come With The Rainbow ft./ Sonya
5. Richard Branson's Smile

OSSIAN - Az Igazi Szabadság
CD ℗ 2017 (April 17)

1. Az Igazi Szabadság (Real Freedom)
2. Vigyázz A Szívemre (Protect My Heart)
3. A Szerencse Angyala (Angel Of Fortune)
4. Ahol A Szürkeség Véget Ér                                        (Where The Grayness Ends)
5. Célszemély (Human Target)

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Pretty sure this artist's name has never, ever been uttered by a single living soul within the state of Georgia.

At first I was like...this whole album is going to be instrumental, and even though the first track is really cool, in a way that it could be used by a million dollar company as "on hold" music as well as in the way that I could really fall asleep well listening to it, but I'm not big on instrumental albums so I probably won't like this.

Then I was like...some vocals.  Track two was quite enjoyable.

Then I was like...instrumental again.  Weakest track so far.

Then I was like...some female vocals.  Beautiful, sweet voice on this lady.  Really nice song right here.

Then I was like...another instrumental.  Didn't move well right out of the box, but got much better.  I enjoyed this one too.

So, on the whole, I enjoyed 4 of 5 tracks here.  It doesn't strike me as anything I would invest any time in, so it's not a purchase, but it scores an 80 for me.

Final Verdict - 8 out of 10 European Stars


Well, I'm at a loss for words.  I truly have no words.  Well, maybe a few.  I have no idea what the hell he just said. I've gotta be honest here, I don't feel like I'd ever be able to get into a band that doesn't speaketh English.  I'm too much of a lyric lover, message lover to listen just for the music.  Maybe that's why I'm not an instrumental lover either. But the language barrier here will most likely hurt them on the US pop charts.

Truthfully, thought the music is pretty decent, I have to understand music to enjoy it.  I would certainly take a pass on this one.

Final Verdict - 2 (for the music) out of 10 Ossianic Stars

Zele--Thumbs mostly up

Mellow instrumental, classical-influenced instrumental and then an instrumental to show? Maybe a cartoon? THose were the best parts. The song with the lady sounds like something that would be played on one of those new yeehaw stations. It's not totally yeehaw, but it's yeehaw enough. THe other vocal track was fine, nothing special.

Ossian--Thumbs mostly down

Prety boring, nothing stood out and unmemorable. I remembered more from the first album than the second and wrote both of these fine blurbs after listening to both. That's not good.

Zele ...  Two Thumbs flat

Eh.  I'm not hearing anything that's grabbing at me, but I'm not hearing anything bad either.  It's just there.  For me instrumentals, or mostly instrumental albums are not something I seek after.  In fact I have less than a handful in my collection today, one or two from Vai, APP always includes some instrumentals but they usually bleed into something bigger (eg, the Raven which is awesome!).  I digress, but that's it.  I don't know who this artist is maybe he has done some special things where he is from.

Ossian ... Thumbs down

They sound so serious!  Even though I have no idea what he's saying, I do recognize decent vocals when I hear them, and this is not that.  There's moments of DeMartini, Lynch, Young, and Stanley influences in the riffs, not such a bad thing, but not such a unique thing either.  The guitar solos sound the same and aren't very compelling.  That chorus on the closer is really strange.  Again, why so serious!


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