Classic Rock Bottom

by Yngve "the perfect gentleman" 

MADAM X - Monstrocity 
CD ℗ 2017 (Nov. 03) 

1. Resurrection 
2. Freak Parade 
3. Die Trying 
4. Hello Cleveland 
5. Nitrous 

click on the covers to hear the songs

CD ℗ 2017 (Sept. 22)

1. We Will Align
2. Alive
3. I'm Invincible
4. Truth Came Knocking
5. Lay Down Your Arms

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MADAM X .... Two Thumbs not fully down but less than even

Through the first two tracks my review was going to consist of one word to match the album title...  But a funny thing happened, the last 3 tracks had a much better feel to them, kind of a early Motley Crue vibe, the songwriting was certainly not as interesting but it had moments of fun hard rock of that era.  Vocally all tracks suffered though, at least IMO.  I have no idea of this bands history as I've never heard of them, not a purchase for me.

MARTINA EDOFF ... Thumbs Even

0-fer-2 on knowing who these bands are on this post, but I'm kicking the tires on this one a second time mostly because she's pretty easy on the eyes.  The production on this is very nice and the band is tight and there are some really nice geetar moments. Ultimately the songs don't really resonate.  Still there some promise here, maybe get a little looser, everything feel way rehearsed, open the songs up with some more jams, that guitar player has chops!  Id like to hear more from her as they grow...  For now?  Not a purchase

Madame X--Thumbs Down

Well, at least it's better than Vixen? And there's cowbell? Other than that, there's nothing here remotely interesting. Quite juvenile with those lyrics. This might have been something for the 80's, but still would have fallen by the wayside. Just not good at all.

Martina Edoff--Middle Thumbs

Some of these songs go for the epic feel but her voice it a bit too flat for this. She has a nice voice, but it doesn't really fit in with this. There's really no emotion in her singing, except for the fourth track. It kind of reminds me of Lana Lane, but without the emotion. Still, much, MUCH better than that monstrosity that preceded this.

Monstrosity by Merriam-Webster “An object of great and often frightening size, force, or complexity.”

You forgot this, courtesy of MW:

an excessively bad or shocking example

Madam X - Thumbs Straight Down

There's really nothing about this that holds the slightest interest for me.  That first song just isn't my style.  Never been a big fan of that high pitched vocal.  The second song, for some reason, seams really disjointed.  Die Trying is a bit of an improvement.  Almost a rap style song, but better than the first two for sure.  Hello Cleveland tries to be a big anthem type song, but doesn't get there for me.  The final track just seems silly.  And that may be where this is on the whole for me.  It seems like it sits somewhere between serious metal and Spinal Tap.

Martina Edoff - Thumbs Slightly Above Level, Approaching Three Quarters Up

I've never heard of this lady, but if that's her on the cover, I'm already interested.  Yes, I'm that shallow.  This is definitely better than Madam X.  The vocals are much better, the production is a little cleaner and the melody is certainly better.  This reminds me ever so slightly of Space Elevator, although SE has a more pop lean than this does. Truth Came Knocking is a pretty aggressive song.  I like it.  That final track is okay, but it's a bit of a letdown after Truth.  Still, I'm fairly impressed here.  

Yep, that's her on the cover.


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