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It's time to vote for the CRB Hall of Fame Class of 2015.  Everyone is invited to participate.  Your nominating committee has produced a ballot filled with icons of rock music.  Your job is to help us pick 6 deserving inductees.  

Here are the simple rules.  What you see is a list of ten artists for the HOF voting along with a list of three "Legends".  The Legends were compiled from a list of rockers that we lost in 2014.  Please put the list of ten artists in order from one to ten, with one being the artist that you would most like to see inducted into the CRBHOF and so forth.  Please, you have to put them in order.  If you do not, your votes will NOT be counted.  I cannot count them if they are not ordered from one to ten. Then do the same thing for the Legends list, except you would number them one to three, with one being the artist that you would most like to see inducted into the CRBHOF as a Legend.

It's that simple.  The voting is open to all CRB site members as well as all CRB Facebook members. You can either send me your votes via private message on the site as well as on Facebook.  Or you can reply to this thread.  Whichever you choose, please only vote once.  Voting will remain open for the month of March.  So what are you waiting on?  Get busy voting.

Hall of Fame Nominees


Alice Cooper

Bad Company

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Def Leppard







Jack Bruce

Phil Everly

Johnny Winter

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Hall of Fame Nominees

1 Creedence Clearwater Revival
2 Eagles
3 Yes
4 Aerosmith
5 Bad Company
6 Alice Cooper
7 Journey
8 Styx
9 Def Leppard
10 UFO


1 Phil Everly
2 Jack Bruce
3 Johnny Winter

 1) Journey

2) Styx

3) Yes

4) Def Leppard

5) Aerosmith

6) Eagles

7) Alice Cooper

8) Creedence Clearwater Revival

9) Bad Company

10) UFO



1) Phil Everly

2) Johnny Winter

3) Jack Bruce

1 UFO 2Alice cooper3bad company4aerosmith5CCR6Def Leppard7yes8styx9journey10eagles      1 johnny winter2jack bruce 3phil everly

1.Alice Cooper

2. Bad Company


4.Def Leppard

5. Yes

6. Styx

7. CCR

8. Journey

9. Eagles

10. Aerosmith

Johnny Winter

Jack Bruce

Phil Everly


1-Alice Cooper 2-Def Leppard 3-UFO 4-Yes 5-Styx 6-CCR 7-Aerosmith 8-Bad Company 9-Journey 10-Eagles

1-Phil Everly 2-Johnny Winter 3-Jack Bruce


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