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Podsnack is closing so I better get something up quick and in abundance too. And since Winter Is Coming (no, this isn't a Game Of Thrones reference), there is hardly anything better than sitting by the crackling fireplace, looking at the snow falling through the window and listening to a saxophone blending in with the tranquility of the moonlit night.

Now, there won't be any Baker Streets, Urgents, Shine On You Crazy Diamonds or Careless Whispers'... or any other readily available Sax-songs for that matter, but something from the less traveled pile. Get a glass of hot apple cider, shut the f**k up and let the tunes fill the air.

click on the guy playing sax to hear the sax in the image bellow

1. MARCELLINA PJT - Majusi Dal (May Song)
Marcellina is the Hungarian Saxi Lady. Her most popular song is Sexy Lady. Go figures, but we wont listen to that one.
2. HUNGARIA - Taxi Saxi
Hungaria is the world's best kept Rock 'N' Roll secret.

3. ROMEO VOID - A Girl In Trouble
An American New Wave band led by the saxophone player Benjamin Bossi. (If there was ever a good surname for a leader of a band, Bossi must be it. Don't you think?)
4. KIM CARNES - Abadabadengo
Her distinctive raspy voice goes well with a saxophone. Don't you think?
Speaking of "abadabadango" the first letter of the Swedish sensation did a great number on the Jeff Lynne penned tune. Don't you think?

6. T-SQUARE - Truth
The biggest hit of the Japanese Fusion band.
7. LOCOMOTIV GT - Embertelen Dal (Inhuman Song)
Your favorite Locomotive band from Hungary (without the "E") returns.
8. ITCHY FINGERS - Teranga
A UK saxophone quartet with four sax players. Duh.

9. MADNESS - One Step Beyond
I don't think there is any other music style that embraced sax as much as Ska. This was the first tune I was convinced saxophone can carry the whole song, not just a solo.
10. LABORATORIJA ZVUKA - Ska-Kavac Joj Zaso U Rukavac
This Yugoslavian band rode the New Wave era high with clever lyrics and all is just for fun attitude.
11. BAD MANNERS - Ne Ne Na Na Na Nu Nu
They say Steve Vai can make his guitar laugh. Big Deal! This Brits can make their sax laugh.

12. SHOWADDYWADDY - Under The Moon Of Love
The Brit revival band paid tribute to Curtis Lee's 1961 classic.
13. LOS LOBOTOMYS - Little Wing
The Fusion side project of the TOTO members, covering the Jimi Hendrix classic.
14. TINA TURNER - I Can't Stand The Rain
Most people remember the buffed up sax player in her band and the short solo he played in her song The Best, but I like this sax solo more in a Ann Peebles/Eruption homage.

15. THIN LIZZY - Dancing In The Moonlight
What can be more cool than Phil Lynott doing a snappy ballad? I know this one. Add a sax.
16. TOMMY SHAW - Jealousy
The Styx guitarists 2nd solo release is more or less a Soundtrack to the Remo film.
17. SKORPIO - Wake Up Man
The first Hungarian Hard Rock band... again. The leader has an equal set of skills on bass and saxophone.
18. THE GUESS WHO - Runnin' Blind
This one is from the new album.

The WTF's
19. BIJELO DUGME - Tramvaj Krece (Tram Is Leaving)
You know the Yugoalavian group as a Hard Rock/Prog Rock/Folk Rock band from their 70's album brought to the Island, but came 80's they jumped on the New Wave bandwagon. It took us a while to adjust to the change, but good music prevailed no matter of its genre. They had 2 guest saxophonists, one was a Yu-Jazz legend and the other was a Brit avant gard master.
20. GURU JOSH - Infinity
Who knew the warm tone of a natural instrument such as Saxophone will mix well with a cold syth programs. Apparently, Guru (R.I.P.) did. The song peaked at #5 on the UK Singles Chart.
21. EDDA WORKS - Nehez Dolog (The Hardest Thing)
After 2 Deep Purplesque releases the band brought in a Sax player on a full time basis and changed their sound. This was the end of the original line up. They did a Farewell tour, but haven't played a single song from their 3rd. release. Only the singer came back to the band and continued in a Melodic Hard Rock style. Today Edda is one of the biggest attractions from Hungary. Back then I was stumped, by the new sound. Today, it's one of my favorite Edda projects.

22. J.J. CALE - Cloudy Day
Cocaine, anyone?
23. DES LASZLO - Kialtok Erted (I'll Scream For You)
In mid 80's when every country had their own version of Band Aid, Hungary was doing one as well, although not far from being a third country themselves, the Rockers assembled to help out those less fortunate with a song that had many domestic Rock stars in the line up. The main song was titled "Tell Me, What A Single Bite Of Bread Is Worth?", but they all pitched in with an original song as well not found on any other release. This is Hungary's best Sax players contribution.
24. HAZEL O'CONNOR - Will You?
Saw the Punk music inspired movie starring Hazel O'Connor as soon as it came out and I was eagerly anticipating the Soundtrack album, fearing that perhaps Will You won't make the cut for being such a different song from the rest. Thankfully, I had nothing to fear... But the fear itself.

Mark is Mike Varney's brother and like his sibling, he also had a record company (Legato) This was his project collecting some of the most recognizable names in Fusion music: Frank Gambale on guitar as well as Shawn Lane (R.I.P.), plus Steve Tavaglione doing not one but two sax solo's over the Marcus Miller song.
26. JIMMY Z - Shotgun Cha-Cha
He can play  a flute, harmonica and a saxophone (baritone, soprano, tenor). Often found as a guest on many famous musicians albums.
27. MARK KNOPFLER - Goin Home (Theme From The Local Hero)
There are few Mark Knopfler songs I could have chosen from, but this one takes the cake.

The DUET's
28. PAUL YOUNG & ZUCCHERO - Senza Una Donna (Without A Woman)
Zucchero did this one first in Italian, by himself.
Another Soundtrack with a female Sax player who also occasionally plays the sax solo in the live version of the Shine On You Crazy Diamond with Pink Floyd. The guitar here is nicely done by the better (looking) half of the Eurythmics.
30. NEWTON FAMILY's ADAM & EVA - When Christmas Time Is Over
Hungary's answer to ABBA, closes the set.
Is it Christmas, yet?

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  • Taxi Saxi sounds like it came straight out of a Benny Hill skit.
  • I love that Romeo Void tune, its one from the New Wave era that really resonated with me.
  • Carnes Voyeur album is also from the new wave era, it's another album that really works very well with her voice and songwriting.  I listen to it quite often!  I do not own the album this track came off of but I like it!

I am going to dance around this playlist a bit as its quite loooong...

It is long.

Taxi Saxi  sounds like it came straight out of a Benny Hill skit. Too bad nobody else has listened to this yet and mentioned it. 

This made me want to listen to stuff I forgot I had. Kim Carnes, Frida (no Agnetha) and Paul Young. So I will do so.

Lot of work doing this, yet my comments are so limited. 

I have ADHD. So there.

Since both of you mentioned almost the same things, I'll reply collectively.

Yes, as a third ear, I confirm the Taxi Saxi does sound a lot like a Benny Hill endorsed tune. Knowing how much Hungaria likes fun, I bet that is what they were going for. There is a movie based on Miki's life (the leader of the band) after his family was deported from USA including the inception of the band. It is highly recommended and here is my favorite part from the movie "Made In Hungaria". Keep in mind the strength of the Communist Party was tremendous at the time and they tried to influence the youth. In the movie, the girls are part of the East German delegation visiting Hungary, together with some prominent political figures. These guys are suppose to provide the entertainment for the evening. 

I can't say I heard about Romeo Void across the pond, but this song is really good. I haven't heard anything else from them, at least I think I didn't.

Always loved Carnes. She had great songs and her voice is one in a million.

Have at least one Frida album on vinyl, maybe two? She did some good Russ Ballard songs, but I can't remember a sax. Perhaps I should listen to them again.

Yes, long list but it's all the songs I immediately remembered. While putting the post together I remembered about another dozen, or so and that's without digging into the credit notes. I guess there is a wealth of Sax representation in music I listen to. I wanted to post more and more often but I was busy, so had to make up for the time lost. My membership ending and Podsnack closing, this might be it... Although I hope to do one guitar extravaganza at least. We'll see.

Skipping down to the Legends...

  • I read somewhere recently that Lizzy were nervous about how this song would be received, probably didn't hurt that it came on a great overall album!
  • Shaw likes to complain about DeYoung and his penchant for balladry but he releases this?  Sounds like a plagiarism of every 80's pop cliche available.  But ya, that sax solo is pretty dang good!
  • Where is Skorpi a legend?  Never heard of them/him... Has a hint of Supertramp in it that I like though, not Hodgson Supertramp, but early Davies Supertramp.
  • Rudy Sarzo on bass as a member of the Guess Who.  Weird!  Just read a review (from the site that shall remain unnamed) - its was an underwhelming read by the way, and judging from the "single" released I will agree with one comment from it - I won't likely listen to this ever again.  Fun and playful sax though!


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