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Welcome to the first “Scott’s Hidden Treasures”, or SHT if you want to get technical … Its music that I’ve been playing from the past week.  A Hidden Treasure can be an entire track or something within it that just grabs you, a lyric, a solo, a drum line, whatever.  Listen close, you may find a treasure you have overlooked or  forgotten about…


Into the Night:  Benny Mardones.  Admittedly I first heard this track listening to Casey Casem’s Americas Top 40 radio show.  This is probably the first track I ever listened to and thought about the sound of the snare drum.  Weird I know but I still listen for that crisp clean sound.  Although it may be considered a one hit wonder, it’s a great hidden track.


East Side Story:  Bryan Adams.  From the criminally ignored Room Service release of 2004.  The opening riff really feels similar to Run To You from Reckless, but soon goes into a more modern and melodic direction that finds me wanting to reconnect with Adams back catalog.  Room Service is a strong release with this real nice lead off track.


Conviction of the Heart:  Kenny Loggins.  Music with a message.  I’ve always been more interested in the music than the message within a song.  So it is with this track.  However, if you’re a message lover, then this one satisfies as well.


Magic Power:  Triumph.  From the Greatest Hits Remixed disc.  Awesome track.  It sounds so good remixed; it’s like hearing it again for the first time.


Cruisin’:  Jefferson Starship.  Lead off track from Spitfire.  This LP suffers only because it followed Red Octopus,  but I think it’s the better of the two.  Cruisin’ has a great rhythm and thumping bass line.  While the bass line and vocals dominate the track the hidden gem is the guitar work of Craig Chaquico, his work is fantastic. (NOTE:  For some reason this file wouldn’t upload so not in the player)


Little Drops of Heaven:  Pretty Maids.  I lifted this off another Melodic Rock site that posted a video of this track.  I got hooked, modern and classic sounding in one track.  I liked the beat and the bass line.  I guess I’m a sucker for this type of track.


Drive It In:  Krokus.  This is the lead off track from the new Krokus album; HooDoo, but really for this lists purposes, pick a track any track – the whole CD is a great listen.  I criticized them for sounding like AC/DC when I first heard them in the early 80’s.  But it didn’t take long before Long Stick Goes Boom smacked me upside the head.  I love that their sound is unharmed by time, and I loved getting smacked by this track!


Eagle Flies Alone:  Axe.  So Jon posts this as a forgotten album.  This is how it ends up in player this week.  I have always had a soft spot for Axe.  I get them!  The chorus is the hidden treasure here.


Caught In The Game:  Survivor.  Dave Bickler is the voice of Survivor, just wanted to get that out of the way.  Incidentally he’s also the singing voice of Budweiser’s Real Men of Genius, but I digress…  Caught In the Game has one of my favorite riff’s and vocals.  Why?  No idea, it just does.


Entre Nous:  Rush.  A homage to the release of Beyond the Lighted Stage.  From Permanent Waves.  Song crafting and details are always a plus with a Rush track, but this one has a great feel .  Also paves the way into the “Moving Pictures” phase of their career.


So there we have it, my first list...

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Awesome 1st week Scott. You picked some really cool songs. Out of the 10, I've only heard Into The Night, Magic Power and Caught In The Game. However, Eagle Flies Alone sounds very familiar, and I really like that song. My favorites here are:

Magic Power
Little Drops Of Heaven ***
Drive It In
Eagle Flies Alone ***
Caught In The Game

The two with asterisks are really outstanding and easily my favorite on this playlist. I really wish I could have heard Cruisin' by Jefferson Starship. Craig Chaquico is a fantastic guitar player, at least he was on JS's Modern Times album. Check to see if it's in Mp3 format. If not, that would be the only reason I could think of as to why it wouldn't upload.
Thanks RJ - Pretty left of everyones center, but I like that...

I rip all my music in WMA lossless format, so I have to use an MP3 converter. For whatever reason it bombs on this track only, and yes, I have all rights to the file... Bummer too, but I had it all written up before I converted the files, so maybe somebody could help us out with a quliaty file, the one on Youtube I found was of unacceptable audio...
I like this mixture! This is the way my dream radio station would sound, some known songs, some not so well known, pop/soft rock/rock/progressive/hard rock all mixed together. Shame about that "Cruisin'", don't think I have ever heard it.

And that Benny Mardones song..I've heard it before but now it's stuck in my head. Thanks a lot Scott! :-)


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