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Ever had this conversation...

Friend:  Hey, remember that one song that goes, da da dadadada dada da?
You:  Uh no, do you know who did it?
Friend:  No, but you know it, remember it has the one dude singing on it?
You:  hmmm... when did the song come out?
Friend:  In High School man, we played it all the time, come on, you gotta remember it?
You:  uh...

You, being the music person in your group got this question a lot. And you were expected to know the answer from a tone deaf musical imp who just gave you the best monotone clue you ever heard. 

So we here at Scott Hidden Treasures are going to help you out today.  Were going to give 10 answers to these conversations.

We'll start by asking the question and then give you the answer...

Question #1...
Dude, we totally played this one in the parking lot in High School all the freakin' time!  You know, it has that piano intro and then the guitar goes NA NA ...  NA NA?  Come on man!!!

Band: Axe
Track: Rock and Roll Party In The Street
Album: Offering
Year: 1981

Question #2
Hey remember that "something something on your feet" song with the cool organ thing?  Ya, who did that?

Band: The Babys
Track: Back On My Feet Again
Album: Union Jacks
Year: 1980

Question #3
Hey, whose that "ooh ooh ooh Dreamweaver" guy?  What was that other tune he did on the Midnight Special that one time?

Band: Gary Wright
Track: Love Is Alive
Album: Dreamweaver
Year: 1975

Question #4
Who was that guy that did those funny videos?  Remember that one tune he did?  You know, ((singing)) "they just lala lalala like that anymore"...

Band: Greg Kihn
Track: The Breakup Song
Album: RockKihnRoll
Year: 1981

Question #5
la da dada la la la I'm gonna paint it Cherry red...   hmmm hmmm.  Who did that?

Band: Lou Gramm
Track: Midnight Blue
Album: Ready or Not
Year: 1987

Question #6
Whats the one tune with the really cool part in the middle of it?  Come on!!  I know you know it..

Band: Golden Earring
Track: Twilight Zone
Album: Cut
Year: 1982

Question #7
Dude seriously, you just played this last week!  Its those guys that do that harmony thing?

Band: Chilliwack
Track: My Girl
Album: Wanna Be A Star
Year: 1981

Question #8
(sometimes I got 'em right in spite of the question)
Thats not Billy Idol!  Lets try this again, remember its got that funny keyboard at the start, something like na nana na na, na nana na na?  (me: Dude its Billy Idol)

Band: Billy Idol
Track: Hot In The City
Album: Billy Idol
Year: 1982

Question #9
Remember that one time we were at the beach with those chicks?  Remember that girl who did that dance? What was that song?

Band: Diesel
Track: Sausalito Summer Night
Album: Watts In a Tank
Year: 1980

Question #10
Hey remember that one time we were cruisin' the strip and that one song came on and the girls in the car next to us were singing the same tune?  What was that?

Band: Pablo Cruise
Track: Love Will FInd A Way
Album: Worlds Away
Year: 1978

That was kind of fun list to think about.  Kinda reminds me of that one place when we use to play that one game that took like 10 of us to play, you remember, right?



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Greg Kihn! AWESOME!

I wish someone would release his albums on CD. I want RockKihnRoll badly.
....Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh.....

That's a cool song. All of these were cool. This is your first SHT offering that I have been familiar with each song. How 'bout dat?

This is my "sounds like this song should have been done by" section...

The Chilliwack song sounds like it should have been done by Hall & Oates. The lead singer sounds a lot like Hall in several places.

Also, Sausalito Summer Night is a song I always though should have been an Eagles song. It would fit them so well.

For Billy Idol, I just hate his snarl, and I could tell he was doing it even when recording the vocals to this song. I wonder if he does it when he talks to his mom? Anyway, I'm not a huge Idol fan, but this song along with the one Niels had on VOTW last week are pretty cool. My favorite would be a three way tie between Dancing With Myself and Flesh For Fantasy and Eyes Without A Face.

Anyway, very good playlist that brought back some memories.
Awesome, 10 for 10. Thats not suppose to happen ... hahahahahaha...

I was in my office earlier in the week, and my wife walks in and she says.. Whats that one song that goes lalalalalalalala? (She does this all the time) and so I got this idea. When I read back through it it kinda sounded silly, but it resonated with me because I got these questions all the time. - Hey! play that one tune we listened to a couple weeks ago? - hahahaha, made me remember and made me laugh.

Hey, that's amazing. A few months back I was riding down the road with my wife, and she says "that song you like came on the radio yesterday and it made me think of you". So of course I wanted to know which song it was. She didn't know, and couldn't even give me the tune, but she said something about a humming part or something. I had no clue what song she was referring to. So a couple of weeks go by and we're in the truck together, and Greg Kihn's The Breakup Song came on. She said "that's it!!!". So we finally figured out that what she meant by humming was "uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh".

I love the fact that she hears a song that she knows I love and she thinks of me.
Yeah, Greg Kihn! I think it was RJhog, who had a GK-track on a play-list recently, and I had never heard the number and liked it. I was looking forward to listen to THIS Greg Kihn-track, and was surprised to find out, that I KNEW the number!! And I like it!! I have to check out Greg Kihn-Band.
The only two I know by him are The Break Up Song and Our Loves In Jeopardy (which may just be titled Jeopardy, I can't remember). But it was probably Scott that put him on a playlist.
There's a few you should know. I'm positive I had one of his songs as an MSoTW a little while ago. Getting his albums is very expensive but I do have a double disc greatest hits I got years ago and it's now OOP and expensive as well.


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