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Welcome back ... This week I am adding some content so that you know what album/CD the track was lifted from and the release year so you get a feel for the era as well…


Let’s jump right in …


Mama Let Him Play, Jerry Doucette:
    Album: Mama Let Him Play
    Year: 1978

Why didnt this album hit bigger?  One of the mystery's in my musical mind.  But what an album!  This is the title track which show cases his guitar styling.  It is said Doucette was a victim of the New Wave movement in the early 80's, maybe even Mtv got him a bit, but I think the label he was on, Mushroom, failed him massively!


Crazy Circles, Bad Company:
    Album: Desolation Angels
    Year:  1979

From the same album as Rock and Roll Fantasy.  Crazy Circles is a fantastic mid-tempo acoustic gem in every sense.  The short acoustic solo is real nice and the lyrics stick with me.  When I think of great acoustic tracks this is the song that comes to mind immediately.


Can't Get It Out Of My Head, Velvet Revolver:
    Album: Livertad
    Year: 2007

A cover tune?  I'm a huge STP/Scott Weiland fan.  He picks some great remakes, and after hearing RJHogs ELO posting this song immediately came to my mind.  I miss Velvet Revolver but love that they are still out there making great music!


Crash and Burn, Pat Travers:
    Album: Crash and Burn
    Year: 1980

Not sure this is a real "hidden" gem as much as it is maybe somewhat forgotten.  But what a classic track!  Tommy Aldridge on drums is the hidden gem for me.  The keyboards work real well here and the vocals fit the style.  Just as good today as it was when I first heard it at ... well maybe I cant remember the event I was at...


Do You Know Where Your Woman Is Tonight, REO Speedwagon:
    Album: You Can Tune A Piano, But You Can't Tuna Fish
    Year: 1978

First REO Album to chart in the top 40, going 2x platinum.  Also the first to feature Bruce Hall.  This track is interesting in that it took me awhile to warm up to it, but now its all over my playlists.  The vocal arrangement is classic Cronin and the rhythm guitar really fills in nicely around the vocals. 


Love Over Gold, Dire Straits:
    Album: Love Over Gold
    Year: 1982

Not that there is anything in this weeks list that is radical, but this will slow it down for sure. But it is such a finely crafted tune.  Love Over Gold is the predecessor to their biggest release; Brother In Arms.  Is it me or is there something special about the albums that precede huge hits?  I seem to like them more.


World Turning, Fleetwood Mac:
    Album: Fleetwood Mac
    Year: 1975

This is the track that got my attention over all the hits.  I needed to know who this Buckingham guy was.  At the time, I had never heard this style of guitar work before.  Still to this day, this is a great track!


So You Ran, Orion the Hunter: (more correctly Orion (for 'The Hunter' had simply been the title of their first album))
    Album: Orion The Hunter
    Year: 1984

I first heard So You Ran cruisin' with my best friend in his Jeep, speakers mounted off the roll bar behind my head -how cool is that?!  Orion was on the cusp of being the next SuperGroup.  Comprised of Barry Goudreau and Brad Delp of Boston, Fran Cosmo soon to be Boston, and Michael Derosier from Heart, kinda sounded like a can't miss.  And so it was that this track hit the airwaves, and then quietly faded away.  But the track and the album are still pretty cool to play.  Some of the tracks sound dated, most don't.  This one still sounds great though!  Great drum line and vocals...


Pull Me Under, Dream Theater:
    Album: Images and Words
    Year: 1992

This a progressive metal band.  Pull Me Under would be more on their melodic side and may sound familiar to some of you since is garnered some radio airplay.  Powerful in its production, I love the entire feel of this track.  It runs 8 minutes 14 seconds, so it may be bit long for some of you, but it's well worth the full ride!


Just One More Time, The Headpins
    Album: Line of Fire
    Year: 1983

Brian "Too Loud" McCloud and Ab Bryant had moved on from the chart success of Chilliwack to continue the musical style they wanted, and thus we have The Headpins.  Unique vocalist Darby Mills belts out some great stuff.  This is simply a great, straight ahead, melodic rock track!

Enjoy your week... Scott

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Great picks Scott. I really like:

Crazy Cirlces (Never heard it)
Can't Get It Out Of My Head (never heard this version, really like Slash's lead)
Do You know (REO- I have heard this one and like it)
Love Over Gold (never heard it, I'd like to hear this a few more times)
World Turning (heard it before)
So You Ran (heard this on your music player from CRR, really reminds me of The Outfield. Speaking of The Outfield, I read somewhere that they have a new one coming out which is excellent news)
Pull Me Under (never heard it, really, really like it. This may be a purchase for me)

Overall, great job.
"Love Over Golds" is Dire Straits best album to me. Side one alone is worth the price of admission. Actually, maybe a toss up with that one and "Making Movies", I'd take any of those any day of the week. So I have spoken, so it shall be said. Or something like that.
Wasnt there a thread about great trilogies over at CRR? I think I listed Dire Straits as

1 - Communique
2 - Making Movies
3 - Love Over Gold

Now thats a great trio of music....
Yep, I remember that. I never got into Communique, picked up the vinyl from a cutout bin. I should hunt it down and give it another listen, it's been well over 20 years since I heard it. And if I still don't like it, I will shun you.


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