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One more week of isolating an instrument and then next week we'll put the bands on stage and see how they do.


Geetars had to be the show stopper though.  I think I found some cool tracks and laid them out in a pretty cool pattern.  You'll find two instrumentals sandwiching this playlist with 4 great geetar jams everyone should know followed by 4 four you may not know as well.  Anywaym its a cool listen.


This week we let the music do the talking, Enjoy....



Length: 56 minutes 54 seconds

TITLE: The Crying Machine
BAND: Steve Vai
ALBUM: Fire Garden
YEAR: 1996
LENGTH: 4:50

TITLE: Dreams I'll Never See
BAND: Molly Hatchet
ALBUM: Molly Hatchet
YEAR: 1979
LENGTH: 7:08
GEETRARIST: Dave Hlubek, Steve Holland, Duane Roland

TITLE: Stranglehold
BAND: Ted Nugent
ALBUM: Ted Nugent
YEAR: 1975
LENGTH: 8:24

TITLE: Working Man
BAND: Rush
YEAR: 1974
LENGTH: 7:09
GEETRARIST: Alex Lifeson

TITLE: Mean Street
BAND: Van Halen
ALBUM: Fair Warning
YEAR: 1981
LENGTH: 5:01
GEETRARIST: Eddie Van Halen

TITLE: The Rocker
BAND: Think Lizzy
ALBUM: Vagabonds Of The Western World
YEAR: 1973
LENGTH: 5:12

TITLE: Mutha (Dont Wanna Go To School Today)
BAND: Extreme
ALBUM: Extreme
YEAR: 1989
LENGTH: 4:52
GEETRARIST: Nuno Bettencort

TITLE: Riffola
BAND: Honeymoon Suite
ALBUM: Clifton Hill
YEAR: 2009
LENGTH: 3:53
GEETRARIST: Derry Grehan

TITLE: Blue Collar
BAND: Bachman Turner Overdrive
ALBUM: Bachman Turner Overdrive
YEAR: 1973
LENGTH: 6:12
GEETRARIST: Randy Bachman

TITLE: Cliffs Of Dover
BAND: Eric Johnson
ALBUM: Ah Via Musicom
YEAR: 1990
LENGTH: 4:09
GEETRARIST: Eric Johnson

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My Vitals Stats for SHT # 49


Approval (percentage of songs I liked): 70%

Songs I've Never Heard: 5 (50%)

Songs I Have Heard: 5 (50%)

Best Song I'm Familiar With: Mean Street (Van Halen)

Best Song I'm Not Familiar With: Blue Collar (BTO)


Man, Scott, that is some outstanding guitar work.  Although I may not have necessarily liked every song you picked, I think every song really fit this theme well.


I think Mean Street has a tremendous riff, and DLR's vocal performance is terrific.


Of the two instrumentals, I definitely liked the Vai tune better.  I'm not much for instrumentals, but this one is very good.  The last track, although well played, just doesn't have the same grip for me.


Kudos on the BTO track.  I've never heard that song, but I really, really like it.  The guitar playing and mood of the song are outstanding.  I need to see if it's on the greatest hits CD I have.


Good job!


Thank you sir!  This was a fun series (if you can call it that)


BTO is so forgotten when it comes to guitar work, their rhythms seem to get more attention that the solo efforts.  But their early work is phenomenal.  Wasnt it you that posted BTO II a while back?

That was me.  It's the only studio album I own, and it's a great album.

Wasn't "Riffola" on a post awhile back? Maybe NMC? Seems familiar.
Yes, I posted that Honeymoon Suite quite a while ago, and putting it in NMC and SHT is not double dipping, hehehe...  Besides, Clifton Hill is a cool album...

Starting now, I'm gonna give each track "grades" on a scale from 1-10:

1. I really don't care for instrumental tracks, and I've never been a fan of Vai's playing. His best work was probably with Frank Zappa, or was that Zappa playing? 5/10

2. I'm considering buying the new best of-album, but I'm not sure yet. This track is a bit booring, but the guitars are MUCH better than Vai's playing. Some very good solos. 6/10

3. I was never a fan of Nugent either. I like SOME of his music, and I do own a couple of albums. This track is.....okay, I guess, but a bit booring. 5/10

4. Now here's a RUSH-track, you don't hear that often. It sounds a bit like Black Sabbath. It's not one of their best, but come on: It's RUSH!!! I really like Alex Lifeson, and he appears to be a funny guy, BUT....he is KIND OF the weakest link in the band. He's not bad at all on guitar, but the other two are PERFECT at what they do. I Know it's not Neil Peart on drums here. 7/10

5. 10/10 'nuff said.

6. Thin Lizzy allways had great guitarist in the band, even though I never thought John Sykes was a good choice, but that's another story. This is a good track. 7/10

7. Ahhh, Nuno Bettencort. Now THERE'S a great guitarist. Besides the man himself, EVH, the best guitarist on this list. Extreme would probably had been much bigger, if they had been around a couple of years earlier. I LOVED "Three sides to every story". This track is just kind of okay. 5/10

8. This actually sounds a bit like Extreme, but without Bettencort of course. I kind of like the track. 6/10

9. BTO for me are "Roll on the highway" and "You ain't seen nothing yet" and that's it!! This boore me. 5/10.

10. Good start to this track, but's  an instrumental.  5/10

Love the ratings scale!  Thanks for the cool feedback too, although I must admit that calling the Molly Hatchet track boring was a bit of a shock, your the first to ever do that as far as I know... 


As far as the new Greatest Hits II from them, its a bunch of re-records so not the original work, in case that changes your purchasing decision (it did mine)

Yep, I'd get the first Greatest Hits.  That's what I have.  Scott, you have to remember, Niels is the only person in history that doesn't like Eminence Front, so how could the "boring" comment surprise you?

Scott, I could say "Touché", on your remark about Biff  

I must admit, that I HAD expected somthing from you about my Alex Lifeson remark?!

I am, RJhog, and I'm PROUD of it!!

I caught that, but didnt really think you were wrong.  As musicians they are all equals in my miind, as song writers?  Well there you may have a point...

Hold on...Greatest Hits II is not re-recordings. It's songs from their late 90's-onward studio albums. The only song that is a remake is "Fall Of The Peacemakers", the rest is the original stuff. CD 2 is live stuff.


But if you're starting, get the first greatest hits and then this one. 


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