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I think we'll wrap up this 80's series with this post, seems like the best timing and style to do that with.  I was speaking with a certain someone about this playlist recently, I am pretty excited about this one, it feels good, but listen close, there’s a couple of real treasures here.

I was walking by Cobo hall this past week and was thinking about all the great rock and roll that building has seen and heard, so let’s do what I would hope a great band would do in Cobo, turn it up and get to it!

LENGTH: 43 minutes 57 seconds


TITLE: 1-2-3-4 Rock 'n' Roll
BAND: Rail
ALBUM: Adio (Originally released on a 4 song EP simply titled "Rail")
YEAR: 1984
LENGTH: 4:16
DID YOU KNOW: Rail was the original winners of Mtv "Basement Tapes" competition and this song was on their first release after that.

Maybe they weren’t ready for the machine that swallowed them up and then spit them out after releasing this, but the song is a great live track, and before you judge this, think about it in a live and loud context!  Loads of fun from a band that still enjoys local success in the American North West.

TITLE: Attack Of The Mad Axeman
BAND: Michael Schenker Group
YEAR: 1981
LENGTH: 4:22
DID YOU KNOW: This song is about an axe-wielding man who prowls through a town at night, although it is ambiguous as to whether the axeman is actually a guitarist playing his songs.

Really cool album!  Almost as good as Assault Attack (had to slip that in) but I love his geetar work, there’s always seems to be something innovative about his music around this time.  The remastered disc is a must.

TITLE: Spotlight Kid
BAND: Rainbow
ALBUM: Difficult To Cure
YEAR: 1981
LENGTH: 4:57
DID YOU KNOW: This albums cover design is by Hipgnosis though it was not specifically for this album. It had previously been put forward as a cover for Black Sabbath's 1978 album, Never Say Die!

Niels mentioned this album in this week’s VOTW, so it’s perfect timing to include this.  I promise there is no planning going on behind the scenes.  I have had this list put together for quite some time.  Anyway, this is my favorite version of Rainbow easily, and I love this album too.

TITLE: Easy Living
BAND: Fastway
ALBUM: Fastway
YEAR: 1983
LENGTH: 2:47
DID YOU KNOW: The band was formed by "Fast" Eddie Clarke, formerly of Motörhead, and bassist, Pete Way, formerly of UFO. (Get it?  FastWay).  Interestingly enough, Pete Way never recorded with the band because he could not get out of his contract at the time.

Short and to the point, no piddling around with this band, that’s what I like best about this whole album.  Cool Cool stuff.

TITLE: Flick Of The Switch
ALBUM: Flick Of The Switch
YEAR: 1983
LENGTH: 3:13
DID YOU KNOW: Drummer Phil Rudd was fired midway through the album's recording sessions, although he had completed his drum parts. Former Procol Harum drummer B.J. Wilson was hired to help complete the recording if needed, but his contributions were not used.

OK, this was added some time ago when Niels was asserting his love for this album.  So this one was a nod to my overseas friend!  Besides its a cool album and a real hidden treasure as the album didn’t resonate with fans at the time. 

TITLE: Heading Out To The Highway
BAND: Judas Priest
ALBUM: Point Of Entry
YEAR: 1981
LENGTH: 3:47
DID YOU KNOW: This album tried to follow the same formula as British Steel, but critics generally panned it. However, the tour in support was successful and songs from POE are still considered some of their best "live" songs.

When this came out, I felt like I was the only Point of Entry fan around though almost everyone banged their head to this track at least.  The album has proved to be a classic in my mind anyway!

TITLE: Wasted Years
BAND: Iron Maiden
ALBUM: Somewhere In Time
YEAR: 1986
LENGTH: 5:07
DID YOU KNOW: This album, for the first time in the band's history, featured synthesized bass and guitars to add textures and layers to the sound.

My favorite Maiden album!  I know its arguable, but not for me, it was the second Maiden album I ever bought and quickly became the one I'd choose to listen to.  I don’t think the synthesized parts are over done or overwhelming.  This is a nicely balanced album loosely themed on time travel. 

TITLE: Eat The Rich
BAND: Krokus
ALBUM: Headhunter
YEAR: 1983
LENGTH: 4:14
DID YOU KNOW: Krokus was formed in 1974 as a prog rock act, but after seeing AC/DC in concert in the late 70s, they decided to change their musical direction and adopted a sound which was influenced by the band.

I first heard this album while my head was lying between two large speakers turned up very loud.  I highly recommend listening to music this way not just this album, but if you’ve never done it, try this as a launching point.

TITLE: Take You To The Limit
ALBUM: Mean Streak
YEAR: 1983
LENGTH: 4:52
DID YOU KNOW: The band's first three studio albums, Earthshaker, released in 1981, Black Tiger, released in 1982, and Mean Streak, released in 1983, did not gain mainstream exposure, but are regarded as some of the band's best work.

Yet another quality act that almost broke big.  TO their credit they are still together and doing well, maybe more of West Coast favorite but if they ever make their way to your town, dont pass them up!

TITLE: Angel Of Death
BAND: Thin Lizzy
ALBUM: Renegade
YEAR: 1981
LENGTH: 6:16
DID YOU KNOW: This was the first album that keyboard player Darren Wharton was credited as a permanent member. However, even though he had officially joined the band, his picture was omitted from the album sleeve.

Heck, Wharton was even credited as a writer on this tune.  Poor guy!  Oh well...  This album is so underrated, it’s a complete masterpiece as I am discovering about the entire Thin Lizzy catalog.  Love the bass lines Lynott wrote, can you imagine if he was still around?

So... did you enjoy?  Next week I will try to bury a few things that I’ve had sitting around.



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I've heard of Rail, but that is one rare release! I've heard that MSG song, I didn't like it at the time. I like the more mainstream stuff (Gimmie Your Love) etc. Y&T - I need that one, and sadly I only have one Thin Lizzy (on Vinyl). Otherwise, all good stuff!
Thank your sir!    Youve definutely gotta go back and check out Thin Lizzys catalog.  For the most part, I was late comer to their early work as well, and Im loving what I hearing!

Scott, I must say that in my lowly opinion, this is the best SHT to date.  And I'm not saying that because it's all "favorite" material to me.  No, it's quite the opposite.  I know practically none of this stuff.  But it's all bands, for the most part, that I feel I need to spend more time with.  These are truly hidden treasures. 


Now, I will say that, other than the selected song sounding a bit like Rock And Roll All Night with that intro,  I don't see the appeal of Rail, but all of the other bands really do appeal to me.  I'm only familiar with two songs here (Wasted Years and Heading Out To The Highway), and the latter I didn't think I had heard it until it actually started playing.  If I were to pick a favorite, it would be Wasted Years, but if I had to choose from the unkown songs, I'd go with Eat The Rich.  Krokus really does remind me of AC/DC.


Anyway, great treasure post this week.

Cool!  Thanks a ton!  Thats the whole point of SHT!  SO I gotta big smile from this note 


On the Rail front...  I think Ive explained this a few times.  They are from the area I grew up in and they played all over, all the time.  They are really quite entertaining to watch.  But I can see if your hearing them cold (so to speak) that their appeal wouldnt really stick out.  Ive heard them play all their material live before I bought it, so that makes a difference, that and everyone of my friends got into it as well, so there you go..  I may sneak them in again though I will be very se;ective.  One thing I did realize was that the track represented here isnt that great, but its a remake I thought some may recognize...  I was wrong 

Girlschool...thought their version kinda sucked too.
Sorry, I'll go on my roadtrip and leave you guys alone.

No need to apologize, what I meant was DAMMIT he got the original ...  and I thought maybe I had one on you all. 


Have a great break!

Browsing through your early SHT's and this playlist is by far my favorite. To bad the podsnack doesn't work, because I never heard of the Rail, but looked them up on YT. This whole list mirrors the music I like. Everything else, except the Rail, I have in my collection. Even your notes correspond with my opinions. For example, never could understand the initial animosity towards the Point Of Entry. Even today it holds up damn good. I'd be happy if JP recent material where even half as good as this one.

Once again, great playlist but only 10 views? WTF?

Awesome! I created some good banners once upon a time as well. Haha. 10 views, we're a small group, but we're a good group


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