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You can check out my new Cassette Chronicles article, which looks at the 1988 self-titled debut album from the band Roughhouse, via this Limelight link.

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Nope, never heard of these guys. Sounds like you enjoyed it overall though. I enjoy finding a piece of music and getting enjoyment out of it. Good review!

Thanks RJhog! I'm trying to decide what to do for this coming week. I have an idea but not sure if I'll do it or pick something else.

I vaguely remember the cover of this release and my first impression of not being sleazy enough, but I don't think I heard their music. So based on what you wrote I Youtube-d "Tonite". It starts out pretty good, but after a few bars, it takes an expected turn. Not bad just nothing to separate them from the rest.

And... Is that Vinnie Vincent... On the bass?

Interestingly, I heard of Teeze. Not their music though, just the name and mostly when someone tries to describe an even more obscure band's music. For such an unknown band it's strange that their name comes up as a reference.

Vinnie Vincent is not on bass. The bassist is a guy named Dave Weakley.


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