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My series The Cassette Chronicles takes a look at Whitesnake's 1981 album Come and Get It this week. You can check it out via this Limelight link.

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Interesting read TR.  I have this but haven’t heard it in quite a while.  I will try to listen to it soon.

I'll look forward to what you think.

Back home Whitesnake broke into fame with "Fool For Your Loving" from  Ready An' Willing. Then came Live and "Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City" which made them even more popular. BTW, I'm not much of a live recordings fan, but that song is definitely my favorite live track ever. However, neither one of those albums were available in my hometown, so I was only exposed to whatever I could rip off of the radio.

When Come And Get It came out I was abroad at the time and immediately picked it up. I remember the cover was sooooo shiny. A really nice cover, indeed. As for the music, it grew on me to the point that I favor this album above all of Whitesnake's early line-up work. There is not a single filler or even a good track on it. It's all great. "Don't Break My Heart Again" was yet another hit for them, but for me, it's "Child Of Babylon" that puts the icing on this masterpiece.

Thanks for the feedback Yngve!

I love that live album too. It was where I discovered the song "Walking In The Shadow of the Blues" which is just a killer track to me.


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