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You can check out my newest Cassette Chronicles article, which looks at The Firm album Mean Business, via this Limelight link.

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Your article finally made me dig behind the first line of the remaining cassettes I keep on the top shelf, to pull out the ones from behind. See what you did?

Anyway, at my last big move, I sold most of my cassettes or gave them away... Or both, can't remember anymore. What I do remember is having one tape from The Firm. As it turns out I don't have any right now. In fact, all the cassettes I kept are either Demos from various guitarists or cassettes that haven't been released on CD as of the time of my last move yet. (Looking at them now, a few did get a CD release over the time).

None of these song titles sound familiar, except the Radioactive, so my educated guess would be, that was the cassette I owned before, not this one. I followed Page's soundtrack career but didn't pay much attention to his post-Zeppelin team-up work. I know, I have flaws.

A Best Of CD compiling the songs from Page's various outfits would be nice.

Anytime I can spotlight an album that makes people go looking for it is A-OK by me.

If you get a chance to check it out via whatever is the easiest option for you, I think you'll enjoy it.


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