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This week's new Cassette Chronicles article takes a look back at Lionel Richie's Can't Slow Down album this week. You can check out the article via this Limelight link.

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Is that Nicole Richie's dad?

OK-OK, I know who he is.
And yes, I suppose we, children of the 80s, all have few Popstars in our closets. However, Lionel Richie is not in mine. Although I really love "Hello", reading the track titles it is the only song I know from this release. Looked up the full album on Youtube and one thing struck me. You ALWAYS have a remark whenever a Melodic Metal band from that era makes use of studio trickeries associated with the time, in not so favorable light I might add, (even if they do it with good taste and sporadically), but this album, for employing every imaginable gimmick in the book is: "masterwork" and "greatness always shines through".

What gives?

Different standards for different musical styles. I don't expect full bands playing in most pop music but I do when it comes to rock bands. I make allowances for pop music albums to have far more in the way of studio magic.

And the comments about the rock albums that do it are generally due to the fact that I didn't consider it in good taste or possibly all that sporadically.

I said it is HIS masterwork. It's the best solo album he's ever done in my opinion.

That cover it for you?


I think this album and how I judge it is part of the reason why I don't write about all that many pop albums. They throw off a lot of my standard guidelines for what I do and don't like.

All Night Long is one of those songs that I would be cool with never hearing again.  The other hits are terrific, especially Hello.

The funny thing is that the day before this article went live, the radio station we listen to at my job played the song and I just smirked and thought, "Hey, I just wrote about that song!"


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