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You can check out this week's new Cassette Chronicles article on the Firehouse album Hold Your Fire via this Limelight link.

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So you don't have one of those fancy cassette decks that plays both sides without having to flip the cassette?  Man, those were so cool! Especially if you had one in your car!!!  In my younger and far more creative days I'd put together mix tapes that had a running title to them.  I called them all "Good Shit - Vol x". I even had requests to make volumes for others pretty regularly ... those were the days!  Pretty sure that's not relevant to the topic here but it's a cool memory.

Back to the review...  We around here love Firehouse, of course they have a Charlotte connection so there's a hometown band thing they got, and the fact that my wife absolutely loves them.  She plays mostly two albums from them, Firehouse 3 and Good Acoustics.  I must say 3 is quite good.  Reach for the Sky was never my favorite, always felt like an album that tried to make the same songs as the debut.  In hindsight it is a good album though!

Seen them live twice.  The last time was about 3 years ago, up close and personal at a local joint.  Total crowd size couldn't have hit 1000 but the  place was at capacity.  Remember all the metal head chicks in their leather and feathered hair?  Their still out there!  hahaha...  Not quite as hot as I remember them but pretty dang funny to watch now. I digress, Leverty is a great player, so good!  He's way underrated and under-appreciated.  They play loud and proud and put on a great set.  I hope they continue...

Nice read!


I don't have one of those kinds of cassette decks, sorry. :D

I made my own mix tapes but didn't share them or anything. 

Thanks for checking out the article and for the feedback. From people that were at the show I didn't go to, they had a great set on that night as well.

Can't say that I was ever a fan of the band.  Not sure why, I just never even made an attempt.  But I do know that I have picked up a few of their CDs lately.  

I couldn't remember what I had bought, so I went upstairs and checked.  I have three.  It seems to be the first three, self-titled, this one and 3.  

But I have yet to spin one of them.  So now that they seem to have your blessing and Scott's blessing, I guess I need to do just that.  When I do, I'll try to check back in here and let you know what I think.

Sounds like a plan RJhog!


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