Classic Rock Bottom

Eagles (1972)

Desperado (1973)

One Of These Nights (1975)

Hotel California (1976)

The Long Run (1979)
Long Road Out Of Eden (2003)
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Hi Scott,

 I have most of them. All good!

 I was also shooting for The Long Road Out Of Eden, but for some reason the mp3's don't work. Anyone like that one?

I definitely do...  contains one of my all time favorite Eagles tracks - Waiting In The Weeds

I do think it is good also. I will try to come up with the player for it somehow.

no rush for me, I'm an owner.. 

 The best I could do on The Long Road Out Of Eden was the whole CD in 4 parts.Better than nothing.

cool!  At least those who don't own can try it out

Album added -"Long Road Out Of Eden".


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