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Do you have a Top 10 Albums list for 2018?  If so, post it here.  Classic Rock Bottom will not be posting a voted on list this year, but please post your personal list.  You never know, your list might inspire someone reading it to go back and buy some music.

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1. Steve Perry - Traces

2. The Sheepdogs - Changing Colors

3. Judas Priest - Firepower

4. Space Elevator - Space Elevator II

5. Ghost - Prequelle

6. Dead Daisies - Burn It Down

7. Myles Kennedy - Year of the Tiger

8. Roger Daltrey - As Long As I Have You

9. Greta Van Fleet - Anthem of the Peaceful Army

10. The Night Flight Orchestra - Sometimes The World Ain't Enough

We have two albums in common so far, with a third that I just haven't had the time to do a proper listen for review purposes yet. I might try to do that this weekend and then post my all genres top ten list.

I already submitted my hard rock and heavy metal list to KNAC.COM so I have to wait until that goes up before I post that version of my list.

Your list is quite eclectic.

BTW, why didn't we have the voted on list this year?

I'd go out on the limb here and say the two commoners are:

Dead Daisies and Judas Priest, with a third, not properly listened to yet being, Steve Perry.
How did I do?

I bet you got it right Yngve...

Got it in one!

1. Ghost--Prequelle

2. Judas Priest--Firepower

3. Orphaned Land--Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs

4. Therion--Beloved Antichrist

5. Space Elevator--II

6. Muse--Simulation Theory

7. Saxon--Thunderbolt

8. Joe Satriani--What Happens Next

9. Uriah Heep--Living The Dream

10. Nazareth--Tattooed On My Brain

We have 2 in common and I have the Saxon album but just haven't been able to get the time to listen to it. I'm hoping that I get to it soon so I can do a Remainder Review about it.

I'll hazard a guess, the other common album (beside Judas Priest) is Uriah Heep?

Always wanted to check out the Orphaned Land, but I kept forgetting about it.
Oh well, it's too late now.

It is Uriah Heep. Funnily enough, I was just listening to that album a few minutes ago here at work.

1. Steve Perry - Traces
2. Alice In Chains - Rainier Fog
3. Judas Priest - Firepower
4. Greta Van Fleet - Anthem of the Peaceful Army
5. Space Elevator - II
6. Dream Child - Until Death Do We Meet Again
7. The Sword - Used Future

That's it, there's no 10 this year....

1. Steve Perry - Traces
2. Judas Priest - Firepower
3. Stryper - God Damn Evil
4. Greta Van Fleet - Anthem Of A Peaceful Army
5. Saxon - Thunderbolt
6. Mumford & Sons - Delta
7. Space Elevator - II
8. Smashing Pumpkins - Shiny And Oh So Bright
9. Larkin Poe - Venom & Faith
10. Dreamchild - Until Death Do We Meet Again

I think I need to remove GVF from my list.  I listened to it again today and while musically it’s good, the singer is terrible.


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