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There should be absolutely no confusion here.  Who are your Top 5 American bands?  Here's mine:

5. Journey

4. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

3. Cheap Trick

2. Van Halen

1. Kiss

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5.  ZZ TOP





Nice call RW with the Doobies.  


2.van halen



5. reo

1 - Van Halen  (despite being like a circus sometimes!)

2 - Kiss (love 'em or hate 'em...everybody knows them!)

3 - Ted Nugent (more energy than a pack of wild dogs)

4- Aerosmith (their first four albums are so great, I would have them on my list even if I did not like some of their later stuff...which I dont)

5 - Grand Funk Railroad (early American metal/hard rock... a classic band)

Honorable mentions...and hated to leave them out...ZZ Top, Blackfoot, Lynyrd Skynyrd

I wanted Lynyrd Skynyrd too, just not enough room.

I'd rather not rank them so much, so I chose one from the 50s through the 00s.

50-60s Booker T and the MGs

60-70s Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

70-80s Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

80-90s Fugazi

90-00 The Flaming Lips (kind of a stretch here, but most of their "important" work is from this era)

Does that mean I could have included "Hot Banana and Her Amazing Bunch"-The Band with Appeal. LOL-That was a big joke, my apologies, been a long day at work.

5. The Allman Brothers

4. R.E.M.

3. ZZ Top

2. Alice Cooper

1. Buffalo Springfield

5. Lynyrd Skynyrd

4. Metallica

3. Van Halen

2. CCR

1. The Doors

Wow...NOBODY had The Doors? NOBODY?

This thread is now closed.  No more votes will count.

And here are the results.  I used the same point system as Scott:

1st place vote = 10 pts

2nd place vote = 8 pts

3rd place vote = 6 pts

4th place vote = 4 pts

5th place vote = 2 pts

also, 1 bonus point for each appearance on somebody's list.

A total of 19 people voted (we had one person list favorites, but didn't want to put them in a specific order)

Top bonus pt. band was Van Halen (appeared on 13 lists)

A total of 40 bands/artists were named, with 26 of those appearing on only one list.

So, after all of that, here are the final results (total points in parenthesis):

Classic Rock Bottom Top 5 American Bands

1. Van Halen (100 pts.)

2. Kiss (92 pts.)

3. Journey (61 pts.)

4. Aerosmith (58 pts.)

5. Styx (39 pts.)

Thanks to everybody that participated.  


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