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This is a Top 5 list for artists that were in a band and decided to branch out into the solo field.  Who do you think did it best?  But there are rules to make it a little trickier.


1. The artist must have at least one US Gold studio album with his or her band and at least one US Gold studio album as a solo artist.


2. The solo portion must be billed as that particular person (so Ronnie James Dio would not qualify because he was in a band named Dio, it was not billed as RJD solo). 


3. The artist must have had released a gold studio album with his band prior to releasing a solo gold studio album.


4.  This is meant to be weighted on how much you like an artist as well as how well that artist sold.  That's why rule number one is in place.  For instance, Paul Stanley is my favorite musician and artist of all time, but he does not qualify because he did not go Gold as a solo artist (the '78 solo albums were billed as Kiss).


That's it.  So who you got?


5. Phil Collins


4. Stevie Nicks


3. Don Henley


2. Ozzy Osbourne


1. David Lee Roth

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5. Pete Townshend

4. Robert Plant

3. George Harrison

2. Paul McCartney

1. John Lennon

I see nothing wrong with these dudes.

5. Paul McCartney

4. Tom Petty

3. Robert Plant

2. John Fogerty

1. David Gilmour

These dudes are good assuming you are right on David Gilmour's solo gold.

All three of his solo albums went at least gold.

I didn't check it 'cause I trust you so much.

For once I read the rules! Yay me!

5. Phil Collins

4. Bob Dylan

3. Niel Young

2. Roy Orbison

1. Paul McCartney

Dylan PLAYED with "The Band", but was he in a band, you think?

What about the Traveling Wilbury's?

Traveling Wilburys.

"This is a Top 5 list for artists that were in a band and decided to branch out into the solo field."  

Now, does that sound like Traveling Wilbury's and Bob Dylan to you guys? It does not to me!!

I allmost did pick Neil Young myself, but then I thought about the above, and decided that he was first and foremost a solo-artist, that ALSO made some success in a few bands.

I wouldn't pick Ozzy Osbourne because to me, "Ozzy Osbourne" was a band, at least the first few records. It was decided by Sharon Osbourne (I think, or else it was the record-company), that they should call it "Ozzy Osbourne" instead of "Blizzard Of Ozz". The music/lyrics was written mostly by Randy Rhoads and Bob Daisly while Ozzy was drunk most of the time. That's my "5 cents" of thoughts.


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