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There have been lots of great duos in rock history, but who was the best? Who had the best one, two punch in the business? There are a handful of names that come to mind, some classic & iconic, some just good! We've all got our favorites, let's put 'em out there & let CRB majority rule!


5. Paul Stanley / Gene Simmons

4. Steven Tyler / Joe Perry

3. David Lee Roth / Eddie Van Halen

2. Freddie Mercury / Brian May

1. Steve Perry / Neal Schon


I know, I've made some serious omissions! Help me out & give me your list!

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That's easy:

1. Lennon/McCartney

2. Jagger/Richards

3. Page/Plant

4. Townshend/Daltrey (even though, I don't really consider them a "duo" in THAT sense. But I don't consider Mercury/May a "dou" either. The Who and Queen were BANDS, or 4 guys working together or individuable (is that a word?) or in The Who's case 1 genius, a singer, a drummer and a bass-player) 

5. Simmons/Stanley

Yep, you named my most notorious ommissions. "Duo" in this case, simply means 2. This is not a list of the top duos in rock, meaning the best two man bands. I'm looking for two guys that made the best team from any particular band. Niels, you read it right. Your list is the classic list, that should probably be the definitive final list, but let's see what the CRB faithful say. Let's see, if they have a different take.

I'm trying to complete this without looking at the duo's listed so far.  For me, this is a list of duo's with whom you can't think of one without thinking of the other.  Here's some that just missed my cut:


Wilson/Love (The Beach Boys)

Waters/Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

Elton John/Bernie Taupin

Frey/Henley (Eagles)

Hall & Oates

Buckingham/Nicks (Fleetwood Mac)


But, my Top 5 are:


5. Tyler/Perry - Quite simply, American icons.


4. Richards/Jagger - So many hits.


3. Plant/Page - Many consider Led Zeppelin the greatest of all time.


2.  Lennon/McCartney - really, how could anybody not named RJhog place them in the number 2 spot, right behind...


1. Stanley/Simmons - Not the best ever, I know, but my favorite and providers of my musical journey to this point.

Elton John/Bernie Taupin is an excellent mention. I May consider a change already.

Thanks Niels.  I hated to leave them off the list, but there's only room for 5.

Hmmmm, I guees it was'nt as easy, as I thought. This might not be the last time, I'm gonna change This, but here we go:

5. Elton John/ Bernie Taupin (they deserve to be on This list)
4. Tyler/Perry (after some thought, I Think the toxic twins deserves to be here as well. Aerosmith May not be on my
Personal top 25, but these dudes are cool, and looks like lady's)
3. Page/Plant
2. Jagger/Richards
1. Lennon/McCartney

1. stanley,simmons


3.the wilson sisters {heart}

4.ozzy,randy rhodes


Heart, how could I miss that?

Yeah, that's a good choice.

5. Paul & Gene

4. Axel & Slash

3.  Tyler & Perry

2. Plant & Page

1. Bon & Angus

5. Hetfield Ulrich

4. Harris/Dickinson (Iron Maiden, guess you could sub Smith for Dickinson)

3. Plant/Page

2. Gilmour/Waters

1. May/Mercury

You didn't put a slash between Hetfield and Ulrich...does that mean something?


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