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Okay, we'll start off with a topic that they did a couple weeks ago on That Metal Show.

Your top 5 Iron Maiden albums:

For me it is:

5. A Matter of Life and Death

4. Powerslave

3. The Number of the Beast

2. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

1. Somewhere In Time

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I loved the early Maiden albums, haven't liked much in recent years. I actually prefer Bruce Dickinson's solo stuff, especially Accident of Birth and Chemical Wedding to the more recent Maiden albums.

1-Piece of Mind-love this album

2-The Number of the Beast


4-Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

5-Iron Maiden

I can't play.  I don't know enough of IM's stuff to put up a list.  Good topic though.  I'll watch it, when you close it I'll post it on the Official Page.

1. Iron Maiden
2. Killers
3. The Number Of The Beast
4. Piece Of Mind
5. Powerslave

I guees, they started out with the best one, and then got worse and worse.

5. Killers

4. Powerslave

3. Dance Of Death

2. Number Of The Beast

1. Piece Of Mind

We have an official page for this stuff?

Wait... I haven't given the most correct list yet....

Here's it is...

5. Final Frontier
4. Killers
3. Piece of Mind
2. Number of the Beast
1. Somewhere in Time

Topping this so people can respond...

1. Number Of The Beast

2. Piece Of Mind

3. Somewhere In Time


5. Iron Maiden

You allmost got the right albums, but the wrong order 

I have enough Iron Maiden to participate now:


5. Powerslave

4. The Final Frontier

3. Killers

2. Iron Maiden

1. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

Somewhere in Time easily stands out in the Maiden catalog, not just because it used keyboards but because its a top to bottom damn fine album!  It rocks melodically (Strange In a Strange Land), it rocks progressivley (Alexander The Great) and it plain goes after it throughout!


My only second thought for my list was Powerslave! Which is freaking awesone also!


Tage, when you closing this list out?  I may want to make a revision after listening to some Maiden this morning!

I really hate leaving Powerslave off my list, but I cant fiind room for it!  The opening riff to 2 minutes to midnight is so so damn good to!


And No Prayer For the Dying, underrated!  But the production knocks it out of contention.  And Jon will love this but I think Fear Of The Dark needs mentioned as well, love the return to form this one represents!  And the produciton issues from the previous release were addressed in one of Maidens cleanest sound releases (IMO)


But alas, Im sticking with my original Top 5!


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