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Time for another official CRB Top 5 discussion.  So I was thinking if we really wanted to heat up the conversation what better band to discuss is there than KISS?  Seriously!  For a band with a Love 'em or Hate 'em fan base they sure generate a lot of chatter, so that's what were hoping for here as well...

Rather than a career spanning Top 5 list, lets break this up a little and look at a specific era of the band, it focuses the discussion, narrows the possibilities, and generates lively discussion.  So to do that lets start with the first era - KISS with Makeup on.  We'll not fuss over who played in the studio, and we'll only focus on the albums where the band wore makeup up to the point they removed it.  So here are the rules...

  • Only Studio albums prior to Lick It Up are in scope (No live releases*, Greatest hits**, or Tributes)
  • The 4 solos releases are NOT in play, were focusing on the band releases only.
  • You may only consider side 4 of Alive II as in play for your list.*
  • You may also consider the 4 new tracks from Killers as choices.**

Here's mine and I'm kicking it off with a wildcard pick!

5. The Oath - The Elder

4. War Machine - Creatures Of The Night

3. Cold Gin - KISS

2. I Was Made For Loving You - Dynasty

1. Detroit Rock City - Destroyer

Man, that was way tougher than I expected!!!  Good luck!

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5. Rock And Roll Hell--Creatures Of The Night

4. Detroit Rock City--Destroyer

3. Deuce--Kiss

2. Under The Rose--The Elder

1. Black Light--The Elder

Wow, you really do like The Elder.

"IWMFLY" !!! Really, Scott, when there's so many tracks to pick from??? 

5. Come on' and love me

4. Goin' blind

3. Cold Gin

2. Flaming Youth (I can't help it. The first song I heard by KISS. Man, those were the days)

1. Strange Ways (The heaviest track from the best KISS-album, from when they were young and fresh AND cool, written by Ace, sung by Peter with Ace's meanest guitar-solo. With that, you can't go wrong)

I thought about limiting the scope a little more, but I loved the idea of having so much to choose from, makes you think!  Unless you only like The Elder ...

And Flaming Youth was the first song I heard as well...  I went back and forth on that one!

And lastly, whats IWMFLY?

"I Was Made For Loving You" of course.

hahahaha!!!!  Yup... Dynasty is my favorite KISS album next to Destroyer

It's no. 3 or 4 on my list, after HTH (Hotter Than Hell, Scott ), Destroyer and maybe RNRO.

But IWMFLY is not the best track on that album. That has to be "Sure Know Something".


1. come on and love me.


3.creatures of the night.. that u

5. makin love

Ooooooo...  and Unmasked song make its debut!  And its a good one!

Before I respond, I need a clarification.  Can we not use any of the 4 new tracks off of Killers?  If we can use the new tracks from Alive II, it seems like we could use those new studio tracks.


Yes they are in play...  Did you read the rules?

I did. The rules said no greatest hits. So I wanted to be sure before I post the best list here.

5. Sure Know Something - Dynasty

4. Detroit Rock City - Destroyer

3. Nowhere To Run - Killers

2. Going' Blind - Hotter Than Hell (I'm with you Niels)

1. I Stole Your Love - Love Gun


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