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What is the best collection of talent to ever come together & form a band? This catagory's not about who was the most sucessful or who's the most popular, it's about talented musicians & which band had the best collection of them. So quite simply, vocals aside, name the bands that could flat out play?


1. No All-Star or Reunion Bands.

2. The musicians had to have recorded together at some point, during the bands career. Not looking for the band that had the most talented musicians pass through, during the course of it's career.

Here's My Stab:

5. Iron Maiden

4. Toto

3. Led Zepplin

2. Dream Theater

1. Rush

Anyone Else, Dare To Take Theirs?

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Nice request... And right away I know Rush will top my list, the rest will take some thought! Love your inclusion of Toto, easily they should rank high as well...

This is a good one, Mike

5. Van Halen (Best guitar-player ever; Exellent bass-player; good drummer and a GREAT performer/okay singer)

4. King's X (Exellent Guitar-player; Very good Bassist/Exellent singer; very good drummer)

3. Rush (Exellent bassist; Exellent drummer; Very good guitarist)

2. The Who (Very good gutitar-player/allround musician/very good singer; Great vocalist; 2.nd best drummer ever; Best bassist ever) 

1. Led Zeppelin (Exellent guitar-player, Exellent Bassist/allround musician; Best drummer ever; okay vocalist/very good performer);

Hmmmm,maybe The Who should have been at the top???

Nice List Niels, Very Good Choices!

Thank you, but I will change it, but only fifth place:

5. Deep Purple Mk.II (Exellent guitar-player, Exellent vocalist, exellent drummer, very good bassist, very good keyboard-player)

Shit! I was too fast:

4. Cream (instead of King's X ) - (Exellent guitarist/singer; Exellent drummer; Exellent bassist/vocalist)

That means my list is:

5. Deep Purple mk II

4. Cream

3. Rush

2. Led Zeppelin

1. The Who

And that's FINAL!!!!!!!! ....but I MUST say, that Zeppelin and The Who are a VERY difficult choice, about who's no. 1, but now it's final: I say it is The Who.

Otherwise, I'm VERY satisfied with my list !!!


I like your updated list even better! I agree, Entwistle is one of the greatest bass player's of all time, but I'm just not feeling the Who here.

Well, imo Townshend is one of the biggest talents in rock-music ever. He was a very good guitarist/song-writer/singer/pianist and probably more.

Entwistle, that goes without saying

Keith Moon might not be a technically great drummer, but he was certainly the best at what he did, and was loaded with talent. I love his style, much more than I love Neal Peart's style, and how do you really measure talent? Beside's Bonham, Moon was the most talented of them all. That's why I've got The Who at the top. But MOSTLY because of Entwhistle and Townshend

It takes a whole lot of talent to write and play the music, that The Who AND Led Zeppelin made. 

I like The Who, but I agree with Mike.  Vocals and songwriting do not count for Townshend.  And although he may have been a very good pianist, I doubt he's as good as someone like Elton John or Billy Joel.  It's his lead playing that would keep The Who off of this list for me.  And that's not saying he's not a good guitarist.  Entwistle is probably the best bassist ever, and Moon, while maybe not the greatest technical drummer, could still beat the YOU-KNOW-WHAT out of the drums.  Just listen to Who Are You.

I'll have to put some thought into this...and no, Kiss will not be on my list (nor will Hall and Oats).

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1) Led Zeppelin - no comment needed.

2) Mr. Big - the best bass player, with one of the greatest guitarists, an awesome drummer, and solid lead vocalist. Great backing vocals as well.

3) Van Halen - the two brothers get this 4 man band on the list.

4) Extreme - People dont talk about Extreme's rhthym section much, but they are super talented as well. Nuno is right up there with EVH on guitar.

5) The Beatles - I dont quite understand why vocal talent is not "part of the equation" on this list. It's not an instrument, but it is still a huge part of music. If vocal talent WAS part of this list, the Beatles would be higher.

I think the lists would be quite different if vocals were part of the required talent.  But it is what it is, and Mike says vocals don't count.  Rush would not be in my top 5 if vocals were counted.

I can only disagree with The Beatles.  I don't think they were near the musicians that the other's listed here are/were.  That's not a putdown, but I'd rather hear anyone else listed here play the guitar over Harrison/Lennon.


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