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Yes that's right: What are the best QUEEN-songs from their (IMHO) "weak" periode. It would had been too easy to find out the best song from their classic-periode 1973-80, I should think, yeah well, you never know, but for me personally, it's more of a challenge to pick out the best songs from this periode. Again IMHO, the last great QUEEN-album was "The Game".

There's not really any more rules, but '82-'91, that means no tracks from "Flash Gordon" or "Made In Heaven" either.

Here are my choices:

5. One Vision

4. The Miracle

3. Is This The World We've Created

2. The Show Must Go On

1. Friends Will Be Friends

What are your choices?

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Challenging?  Maybe to some, but I like this period, so I did a quick review and this is where I'm landing...

5.  Put Out The Fire

4. It's a Kind of Magic

3. I Want It All

2. Under Pressure

1. Life Is Real (Song for Lennon)

Easy to tell which album is my favorite from this period as well!

I'm only familiar (off the top of my head) with numbers 4 and 2 on your list Scott.  Looks like I need to listen to some Queen.

The only one, I don't know the title of is no. 5. Is it a track from......I can't remember the title af the album, that came after "The Game"..... "Hot Space"!!!! Right? 

Here's my revised list sice Under Pressure is out of play...

5. Kashoggis Ship

4. Put Out The Fire

3. It's a Kind of Magic

2. Want It All

1. Life Is Real (Song for Lennon)

This is actually an easier list to compose than a list from earlier in Queen's career.  I had a hard time deciding between Dancer and Back Chat for the number 5 spot.

5. Back Chat

4. Staying Power

3. The Show Must Go On

2. Who Wants To Live Forever

1. Under Pressure

I can't say, that I know no. 4 or 5. Which albums are they from?

They are both from Hot Space.

Well, here's mine as well:

5. Dancer

4. Back Chat

3. Staying Power

2. The Show Must Go On

1. Who Wants To Live Forever

Niels, nice twist with the date range.  I only know your second pick, so like I said, I'll need to listen to some Queen soon.

Jon will enjoy this thread.

Damn, it looks like I should have picked my favorite QUEEN-periode after all 

Can't use Under Pressure. This actually came out on the 1981 Greatest Hits album.

Yes, I'm typing this while at Monkey Island!

Was it not on Hot Space as well?


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