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Yes that's right: What are the best QUEEN-songs from their (IMHO) "weak" periode. It would had been too easy to find out the best song from their classic-periode 1973-80, I should think, yeah well, you never know, but for me personally, it's more of a challenge to pick out the best songs from this periode. Again IMHO, the last great QUEEN-album was "The Game".

There's not really any more rules, but '82-'91, that means no tracks from "Flash Gordon" or "Made In Heaven" either.

Here are my choices:

5. One Vision

4. The Miracle

3. Is This The World We've Created

2. The Show Must Go On

1. Friends Will Be Friends

What are your choices?

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Yep, it was the last track on Hot Space which came out in '82. But since it originally came out in 81, steeeeerike one!

Well, that's our thinking at least. 

You're absolutely right, Jon. When I saw it on Scott's list, I though "hey, something's wrong here", but I couldn't really put my finger on it until now.

So it's officially ruled out?

Oh, here goes. I have polled the monkeys and this is what we have come up with:

5. Who Wants To Live Forever

4. Dancer

3. Radio Ga Ga

2. Tear It Up

1. Innuendo

Similar to Jon's Elder Lust on the Kiss thread, I'm pulling my Top 5 from one album! Granted, I'm a fan of all the music in this period, but there's one album I cherish most.....A Kind Of Magic!!!

5. Gimme The Prize

4. One Year Of Love

3. Princes Of The Universe

2. A Kind Of Majic

1. Who Wants To Live Forever

If you decipher the lists of Top 10 Queen songs.  on the CRB Queen page. You end up with a list that looks something like this.

5. Save Me / No I'm Here                10

4. Fat Bottomed Girls                     14

3. Death On Two Legs                     17

2. Killer Queen                               18

1. Bohemian Rhapsody                    31

Just thought it would be interesting to throw this in the mix, as reference.

On a side note: Since Flash Gordon was mentioned in Niels ommission statement, Has anyone seen "TED"? 

I haven't, but I think I'd like to.

I thought, there was a Movie-thread (or whatever it's called) for that kind of talk?!!

I hear ye', Mike. I also think, that AKOM is the Best album from QUEEN in that periode, but where's Friends Will Be Friends and One Vision on your list?

I saw Them on that, their last tour in 1986, and it was awesome, when they started out with One Vision. Another great intro to a good song. Queen are good at that, also think Death On Two Legs, probably the Best intro ever!!!!!!

Yeah, I know but "Ted"  has this great "Flash" sequence, featuring Queen's version of the title track.  Didn't mean to bog down your thread, just trying to create some buzz!

"One Vision" & "Friends Will Be Friends" are both excellent tracks, but I'm partial to the 5 I listed! They're Great!!! The fact that those other two tracks didn't make my list, just gives credence to the strength of the album!

Wow, that sounds like an Awesome experience!!! I would have loved, to have had the opportunity to see Queen!!!



A Kind Of Magic aka The Highlander Soundtrack, while a decent album (and I did include Who Wants To Live Forever on my list) I think it's one their weakest albums from this period. If I were to rank the albums, I would go like this:

5. A Kind Of Magic

4. The Works

3. Hot Space

2. The Miracle

1. Innuendo


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