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Yes that's right: What are the best QUEEN-songs from their (IMHO) "weak" periode. It would had been too easy to find out the best song from their classic-periode 1973-80, I should think, yeah well, you never know, but for me personally, it's more of a challenge to pick out the best songs from this periode. Again IMHO, the last great QUEEN-album was "The Game".

There's not really any more rules, but '82-'91, that means no tracks from "Flash Gordon" or "Made In Heaven" either.

Here are my choices:

5. One Vision

4. The Miracle

3. Is This The World We've Created

2. The Show Must Go On

1. Friends Will Be Friends

What are your choices?

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5. One Vision

4. A Kind Of Magic

3. I Want It All

2. The Show Must Go On

1. Who Wants To Live Forever

5. The Show Must Go On

4.  A Kind of Magic

3. Princes Of The Universe

2. I Want it All

1. Who Wants To Live Forever

This thread inspired me to watch "Highlander" last night. So, I got my Queen on, while on enjoying one of my favorite films of all time!!!

It has the opposite effect on me: Yesterday I listened to "Sheer Heart Attack" and today "A Day At The Races". "You Take My Breath Away" is pure art by Mercury.

And here's the final result:

5. One Vision (16 points)

4. I Want It All (25 Points)

3. A Kind Of Magic (26 points)

2. The Show Must Go On (30 points)

1. Who Want's To Live Forever ( 54 points)

What No HOT SPACE?  dang....

The list has been added to the CRB Official Top 5 page.


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