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First, the rules:


1. Only double albums from the beginning of time thru 1985 will be counted.

2. NO live albums and the album(s) must be studio recordings with no live tracks

3. NO soundtracks, original Broadway cast recordings, greatest hits, etc. etc.

4. It CAN be any type of music

5. If they were double albums on vinyl but not CD, they're still double albums

6. NO triple+ albums



So there you have it. List your top 5 double albums following the rules above, and we'll tally the list in about a week and come up with the definitive list to be used by all for the rest of time.


To get things rolling, here's mine:


5. Elton John--Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

4. The Clash--London Calling

3. Led Zeppelin--Physical Graffiti

2. The Who--Quadrophenia

1. Pink Floyd--The Wall

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Nice topic!!!  This is going to take some thought...  I think I'll think about it while listening to some Wishbone Ash

So I'm thinking hard and the album "Eat A Peach" by the Allman Brothers came immediately to mind...  But I need a ruling because this album is both studio recording and live tracks from the Filmore sessions that didn't make it on that album.  Does it qualify?

That would have been my number 5, but I didn't think it fit since it has live tracks.

No live tracks...think I should update the No's!

Okay, I managed to put a list together without looking at Jon's list first.  I'm not sure if my number 5 is within the rules, but I think it is.  If not, I have an alternate.

5. Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion I & II (or Foo Fighters - In Your Honor)

4. Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti 

3. Pink Floyd - The Wall

2. Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

1. Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue

Is Use Your Illusion technically a double LP?  It released simultaneously but as separate albums.  I couldn't make an argument other than asking this as a question.  When I think Double Album I think of the cool packaging, an LP in each sleeve opening to a really cool gatefold all contained in one package...

Like I said, I think of Use Your Illusion as two albums released at the same time, but Jon shall make the final call...

Otherwise this is a sweet list!

Yes, that's why I stipulated a replacement in the Foo Fighters.  I just wasn't sure.  The point you made is very valid.  So I agree, Jon shall make the call, which may benefit future voters.

What is the meaning of "thru 1985"? I thought it meant, that no albums released after 1985 would be counted? That makes UYI I+II a no-go, but I'm a foreigner, so I might be wrong??

Crap!  I forgot about that rule.  Scratch my number 5 all together.  I'll have to think about what to put there.

# 5 won't because a) it's not a double album and b) it was released after 1985

For some reason I figured you would include ELO, but #1? That surprises me.

Yes, it dominates all of these albums.


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