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Top Five Vastly Underrated Bands Debate for Fourth and Fifth Place (Bonus)

Wow, one thing was evident in our Top 5 Vastly Underrated Thread; there was no clear cut winner! It goes to show that underrated sometimes is subjective. As I stated in the previous thread, we all agree Thin Lizzy, UFO, and Nazareth were underrated but did have some success and still get some radio airplay.

We had a four way tie for the fourth and fifth spots on our list, so here is what we must do. You are to pick two bands from the list that you think should make the Top 5. You will label your two picks:

Fourth Place Pick

Fifth Place Pick


The Fourth Place Pick will receive Three Points and the Fifth Place Pick will receive 1 Point for the tier breaker round. If we still have a tie after a few days, we will revote. Here are the four bands battling:




Midnight Oil


During the next few days, we can debate these bands, so feel free to make changes if needed before final voting.


My picks (At least for now) are:

Fourth Place Band: Saga

Fifth Place Band:Midnight Oil

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No apology necessary Scandal.  It was a great Top 5 list.  Tough, but great.  The official list has been posted.

Yep, no apologies needed. It was fun to get discussions going on overrated and getting the participants thoughts.

I agree, no need for apologies, it was a great Top 5! You we're able to generate 116 posts, between the two threads! How Awesome is that? You eclipsed my thread, which garnered 108. You got people talking, participating, debating & we ended up with a pretty good Top 5 list of Vastly Underrated Bands. So, looks like positives to me!!! Interested, what are eveyone's thoughts on the final outcome? Scandal, did the Top 5 produce the outcome you were looking for?

Midnight oil, you are kidding right???  Saga...Yes, but midnight oil??


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