Classic Rock Bottom

First the rules:

1) List five bands that you consider vastly underrated bands.

2) The bands must be considered rock bands (any genre of rock will qualify)

3) The Band Must Have Been Around At Least 20 Years

4) The Band must have had limited or no commercial success. In other words, you might claim the last four Metallica albums are underrated, but they would not qualify because they have had tremendous success. I will allow bands that perhaps were one hit wonders or had a limited run of successful albums.

5) Here is the kicker. If someone respectfully disagrees with one of your picks, you have the right to request the person (let's have fun with this) to  "defend their thesis." The person defending will have to explain why the band is underrated, but the person who has requested your pick to be justfied must also explain why he/she disagrees with the band being underrated.

For example, let's say I list one of my favorite bands "Uriah Heep." To me, they are vastly underrated with a ton of good albums and good songs. Someone may disagree with me and their argument could be "Their recent albums may be underrated, but they had a fair share of hits and successful albums in the 70's so they had their moment in the sun." I would then have to counter with my justification.

My List:

5) The Spooky Tooth

4) Overkill

3) Junkyard

2) Doro Pesch

1) Rose Tattoo

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I've got a "Runner-up" if Scandal decides to disqualify Spock's Beard.

Spock's Beard is pushing it, but we will let it go.

Yeah, me too, if Lizzy has been approved:

5. Anathema
4. Magnum
3. King's X
2. Thin Lizzy
1. Nazareth

and that means no more Spock's Beard. That should make everybody happy.

Okay then, Thin Lizzy's disqualified, but I'll "delete" Spock's Beard, and then THIS is my list:

5. Flaming Lips

4. Anathema

3. Magnum

2. King's X

1. Nazareth

Dang it, I forgot about Nazareth.

Ok, here's what I've come up with....

5. Spinal Tap

4. Zebra

3. Guiffria

2. Saga

1. Nazareth

Zebra is a good choice, but with only 4 albums in almost 30 years, just couldn't include them on my list. A fine, fine band, so fine I'm probably to have a Zebra run on L/F.

If you're taking productivity as a factor, you could have an argument, but I didn't consider that when making my list. I was thinking of bands I liked, that had very little commercial success, but were very good. Another one I considered & I wish I could have made room for was Vandenberg, but then you have the longevity factor, they only had a 6 year run.   

Output is not a factor according to the rules.  Only 4 albums shouldn't matter.  One of my bands only released 2 albums (Dreams So Real).

RJ is correct. One could make an argument there would be more output, if the band was more successful.

Giuffria only released two albums, one of which wants very good IMO.  But I cant argue their potential, they could've been huge under different management

Nope, just going on how I came up with my list.


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