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First the rules:

1) List five bands that you consider vastly underrated bands.

2) The bands must be considered rock bands (any genre of rock will qualify)

3) The Band Must Have Been Around At Least 20 Years

4) The Band must have had limited or no commercial success. In other words, you might claim the last four Metallica albums are underrated, but they would not qualify because they have had tremendous success. I will allow bands that perhaps were one hit wonders or had a limited run of successful albums.

5) Here is the kicker. If someone respectfully disagrees with one of your picks, you have the right to request the person (let's have fun with this) to  "defend their thesis." The person defending will have to explain why the band is underrated, but the person who has requested your pick to be justfied must also explain why he/she disagrees with the band being underrated.

For example, let's say I list one of my favorite bands "Uriah Heep." To me, they are vastly underrated with a ton of good albums and good songs. Someone may disagree with me and their argument could be "Their recent albums may be underrated, but they had a fair share of hits and successful albums in the 70's so they had their moment in the sun." I would then have to counter with my justification.

My List:

5) The Spooky Tooth

4) Overkill

3) Junkyard

2) Doro Pesch

1) Rose Tattoo

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I'm not sure which album you're reffering to as not very good, because both Giuffria's debut & their follow up "Silk & Steel" are both excellent! I think David Glen Eisley is an incredible rock vocalist & is extremely underated! Eisley, just delivers vocals with power & presence, while still maintaining a melodic tone. I am a guitar guy, I love hearing my guitars, but Gregg Giuffria's keyboard work is both interesting & amazing. These guys are very talented & it's a crime that they never had a hit record. Scott, I agree with you on management & marketing. On their second album, they released two ballads as singles. I think they should have released one of their harder tracks, because there's some great music on that album, that most people's never even heard. I enjoy listening to both albums & they still sound good to this day! I may be the only Giuffria fan on this site, but I feel they definitely deserve to be mentioned! While they did work on tracks for a third album, it was never released, because (IMOP) poor marketing of the second & being dropped from the label. After which, they disbanded & went their seperate ways.


Silk and Steel is clearly the weaker of the two.  I really felt like Silk and Steel was too ballad heavy and was disappointed because the rockers on the debut were so good.  I like Silk and Steel don't get me wrong, but thought they really missed their target audience with it.

I still think they should have released "No Escape" as a single, instead of 'Love You Forever". I think it would have had a lot more appeal!

5. Lillian Axe

4. Wishbone Ash (yeah, I'm including them!)

3. Thin Lizzy

2. UFO

1. King's X

Thin Lizzy...  They definitely would make my list but I think they were more successful than the list allowed...  Defend Your Thesis sir!

I agree with Scott regarding Thin Lizzy. They would have made my list also.

The success part is the kicker here! There are quite a few bands that I feel are underated & didn't achieve the sucess, that I think they shoud have, but I feel they fall into the same catagory as Uriah Heap. Either one highly successful album or several moderately successful ones. Just to throw out a few names: April Wine, Blue Oyster Cult, Triumph, Sweet, The Outfield. Then you have bands like Skid Row, what a talent Sabastian Bach was! They should have had a huge career, but instead you basically have just one highly sucessful album in their catalog.


I also had Triumph, BOC and April Wine on my short list I opted not to include them as I think they had the success factor that would keep them off the list...

I know Triumph was huge in Canada, recently inducted into their Music Hall of Fame.  And although Top 40 success eluded them they did have headlining tours, massive light shows and great album sales.

BOC, really the same.  Don't Fear the Reaper keeps them in business still to this day and Spectres, and Fire of Unknown Origin were all huge.

And lastly April Wine, another huge Canadian band with chart success (Nature of the Beast yielded a couple top 40 hits) and gave them Headlining status...  Their "First Glance/Harder...Faster/Nature of the Beast" trifecta is still one of the best trios in rock and roll, and the follow up "Power Play" even fared well even though it wasn't very good scoring radio success.  They even had more chart success with their 80's output, This Could Be The Right One, and Rock Myself to Sleep.

My short list had Rick Springfield, Winger, BTO, Blue Murder, Wishbone Ash, Andy Taylor (solo), Extreme and Shaw/Blades.  The first 3 were probably too successful. 


I may have to change my list to accomodate Nazareth.

I am going to ask RJ to defend his thesis on Winger. Winger were largely successful for a hair band and their first albums were big sellers. They may not have been as big as Bon Jovi, but they had a good run.

Winger was my short list and did not make the cut because I thought they were too successful.

Sweet would definetly be disqualified in europe !!!!


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