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What TV are you enjoying lately?


For me:


Monday nights I watch House and Chicago Code then Castle. I absolutely love Castle. House is slipping and Chicago Code is a way to kill an hour. On On Demand I watch Harry's Law which has been surprisingly entertaining. I also watch Chuck (good unless it is a scene with the Buy More people) and Hawaii Five-O which has been decent. Oh, and I watch How I Met Your Mother online.

Tuesdays I watch NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles with my mom and love both shows. I also watch The Good Wife which has been superb. I also watch the new show Body of Proof which has been okay to start. And I watch White Collar which I love.

Wednesdays I watched Human Target but that is over now and likely will be cancelled. I just got back into watching Law & Order SVU as well.

Thursdays I watch Bones and The Mentalist with my mom. I also watch Royal Pains and Fairly Legal.

Fridays, I was watching Medium until it ended as well as The Defenders. And I love Blue Bloods too. Also started watching Camelot on Starz.

Saturdays I was watching the new season of Primeval but that's over now. I also watch Doctor Who when it is in season.

Sundays I've been watching Breakout Kings and just started watching The Killing. I also watched The Walking Dead.

Other shows I watch but can't remember which night they air are Covert Affairs and Luther. Plus Hot in Cleveland and Retired at 35.


So yes, I have no life...LOL

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I like Pawn Stars as well, also American Pickers.

"Franklin & Bash" is much better than I thought it would be.


Oh, and what the hell happened on "Game Of Thrones" last week? Are you kidding me? Really? 

I'm not watching Franklin & Bash myself, but I loved that the second season of Memphis Beat started the othernight. I'll probably check out Falling Skies from TNT as well if it comes on On Demand.

Game of Thrones really cut the legs out from under the viewers eh? Well for those who haven't read the books anyway. I'm one of those so I was surprised too. All the people that have read the books and are watching the show keep saying, "Don't get attached to anyone."

I haven't watched GOT since the first episode.  Is everybody getting whacked?

Watch for yourself and find out!
Yeah, that's really good. "Don't get attached to anyone". That is absolutely perfect. Still....WTF????????
Couple horsies...
Too bad all the behind the scenes problems are likely going to cause major issues.
Yep..Darabont gone. And double the episodes without an increase in budget. Still, it's zombies so I'll watch.

Not just no increase in the budget, they cut the budget per episode by $650,000.

The executives at AMC reportedly want the show to show the zombies less, instead letting us hear them.

The Moaning Dead apparently.

I've been watching a new miniseries on BBC America called The Hour. It is set in 1950's London. It tells the story of a news program (Think 60 Minutes in Britain) and weaves in a murder mystery conspiracy and soap opera love story.

It is really well done and the three leads have been excellent. The Wire's Dominic West stars in it.

With the long Labor Day weekend, I also started catching up on the first season of Nikita on DVD. I watched the first two discs which comprised episodes I had watched on TV when they aired. Beginning with disc 3 I'll hit the ones I missed when my TV schedule got messed with as the networks started shuffling things around.

As a big fan of the entire Nikita franchise, I am loving the new show as much as I loved the original French movie, the American remake Point of No Return starring Bridget Fonda and the 5 seasons of La Femme Nikita on the USA Network.


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