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The video in week #2 is a song by a danish band, Kashmir.

I don't think any of you know Kashmir, but they formed in in 1991 and released their first album in '93, I think, and they sound like a cross between Pearl Jam and Radiohead.

I have choosen to add this video, not so much because the song is great, it's okay, but the video is fantastic, I think.

Again it's a story, and please "sit" trough to the very ending. It's a video, that makes you think a little. Well, I thought about it, anyway.

The song is called "Still Boy" and is from the album "Trespassers" from 2009. Enjoy.

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Wow Niels! That's a very emotional video. How do you find these? I don't watch MTV anymore because all I ever see on there is rap music. I would still watch if I could see videos like these.

As far as the song goes, I think it's pretty good. It sounds more like Coldplay or The Fray to me. I can tell you my wife would probably like the song a lot.

Good choice.
I must confess , that it is MY wife who has shown me the first two video's in VOTW, so i've cheated a little.

She has a good eye for those things, and I'll definetly "use" her in the future in this forum.
Boy, that was totally depressing. Wow. Video cool, song is meh. Doesn't sound too different any other angsty group. Thumb up for me (for the video). Maybe if we put a different song on it, like.......Black Sabbath's "Zero The Hero".
Next VOTW will have a good song, well, I think it's good, and it's a classic from 1982.


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