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The video that I "promised" for this week from 1982, must wait untill another time, because I simply HAVE to add the new video from Joe Elliott's Down'N'outz this week:

The Down'N'Outz is a sort of a "Mott the Hoople" and/or Ian Hunter Tribute band, and besides the Def Leppard frontman, the other members are from the band The Quireboys.

There's a new album out on july 13, that includes 13 tracks, and this video is one of them, "England Rocks".

It's originally recorded by Ian Hunter in 1977.

IMO there are a few other tracks on the album, that needs more attention, "Golden Opportunity" and "Career (No such thing as Rock'n'Roll) are allready my 2010-summer favorites.

Please Enjoy.

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Good call Niels. I have to be honest and say I am not at all familiar with Mott or Ian Hunter. But the song sounds familiar. Maybe the same theme song for Drew Carey's sitcom??? Anyway, I did the old, faded video look. And I recognized Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper and Brian May in the cameos.
I don't know much of their stuff either. Maybe that's why I love that new album so much, because it's some good old songs put on a new bottle. The man himself, Ian Hunter is also doing a couple of cameos in the video. It's the oldest looking guy with glasses. I know Drew Carey, but I can't remember the theme song.
Cleveland Rocks
Not bad. I see Ric Savage, Cliff Richard, Sparks and the 2 women at 2:13 seem familiar, for some reason Bananarama pops into my mind.
You might be right about the Bananarama-girls, but I'm not sure, but where do you spot Cliff Richard??

The guy in the guitarshop at 0:48 seem familiar to me?? Peter Frampton?????
2:36 looks like Cliff Richards, and that is Peter Frmapton at 0:48. But..who is the blonde at :39 and she also shows up later as well. I know her from somewhere I think.
I found the first number "Golden opportunity", and it's one of my two favorites, from the Down'N'Outz-cd :

Music Playlist at

Yep, that's not bad at all. I wonder, is that Joe Elliot on all lead vocals? It sounds like him in some places, but not in others.
It's only Joe Elliott on lead-vocals on the whole album. Too bad I could'nt find the track "Career (No such thing as Rock'n'Roll)", because that's also a great number.
Nice track.... Way left of what I expected...
I think, that you should check out the whole album. It really is great. I have'nt played an album with Joe Elliott so much since "Hysteria" !!


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