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This week's video is a classic (well for me anyway) from 2001.

Tool's album "Lateralus" is among my favorite albums from the past 10 years, and "Schism" is one of the best songs on that album.

In 2002, Tool won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for the song.

The music video, was directed by Tool-guitarist Adam Jones.

I hope you will enjoy this video, as much as I do.

"...I know, the pieces fit"

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Wow, never listened to Tool much... The imagery is occult, strange, Clive Barker-ish, and pretty cool actually. Kind of a strange way to kick off the day! But I liked it..

That dude reminds me of the Saw movies... Just a first thought...

One last thought, I own no Tool, not sure this tune makes me wanna go out an purchase any, but I will give them a more comprehensive listen.

Good Stuff Niels!!!
Glad you liked it, Scott.

Yeah, I agree about Clive Barker, in a "Hellraiser"-way.

The "Lateralus"-album is definetly worth a listen. Together with Queens of the stone age's "Songs for the deaf", it's the best "new" album I have bought in the last decade or so.
I have two more Tools-albums, "Aenima" and "10,000 days", but they are not as good, imo.
That is a freaky video...but I like it. Sandra says she'll probably have nightmares now, so thanks. I have the album, but have never spent any time listening to it. I'll dust this one off really soon, because I like that song. I need to dust off my A Perfect Circle CD as well. Doesn't Tool's leader double for A Perfect Circle?
Yep, Maynard James Keenan is the lead-singer in both bands.

Sorry about the nightmare. I'll guess in the future, I'll have to Rate these kind of video's NC-17 or something?
Oh, she's a big girl, she'll be alright. Now that we have the baby, I'll come in his room while she is feeding him and pull up CRB on the computer, and that's how she ends up watching the videos, because otherwise she wouldn't bother. But she really liked the Avantasia song.


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