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We Are What We Read Episode 3 - Guest starring...ME!

The third episode of the Youtube series We Are What We Read has just been posted online.

This series gathers a bunch of guests from across the mystery world (authors, reviewers, bloggers, fans, etc.)

And beginning with my introduction at around the 34:10 mark, I was one of the guests this time around.

If you like mysteries, this is a great way to learn about more books for you to check out along the way.

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Haven't read/heard of the books everybody was talking about, except for your choice. It was also recommended to me by my father and I finished reading that SH novel just days before the comic book version came out back home in a magazine called EKS ALMANAH, so I could return the favor for him.

Even my Grandpa read the comic book. They both agreed it was a pretty good adaptation. My father was a huge fan of mystery books but mostly had pulp-fictions in his collection which I would love to have now, but who knows what happened to them after he passed away. He had an extensive Edgar Wallace and Fantômas collection.

I would love to read books, and mystery would be my choice, but there is only 24h in the day which is 24h less than I need for such an undertaking. I'm also aspired to write a book, which is closer to reality than reading one, yet still only wishful thinking.
Maybe one day you'll be reviewing my book, eh?

Thanks for checking out the video and one never knows about when it comes to what books I'll end up reviewing so you'd at least have a shot at it. 


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