Classic Rock Bottom


So what are you listening to right now?  Any genre is cool.


For me:


Scott's Hidden Treasure

Depeche Mode - Wrong (courtesy of Niels)

Kim Mitchell - Akimbo Alogo (courtesy of Jon)

Next week's Album of the Week (hint: think orchestra)

Shinedown - The Sound of Madness

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Charlie Daniels--Honey In The Rock
Widespread Panic--Ball
Spacehog--The Hogyssey
Uriah Heep--Demons And Wizards
Wishbone Ash--Chelmsford 1980: Blowin' Free Tour
Kate Bush--The Dreaming
Molly Hatchet--No Guts...No Glory
Geils--Monkey Island
Heart--These Dreams: Heart's Greatest Hits
Black Star Riders--Another State Of Grace
UFO--Strangers In The Night
Robin Trower--Back It Up
Ozzy Osbourne--Bark At The Moon
Ohio Players--Skin Tight
Raven--All For One
Faith No More--Album Of The Year
Thin Lizzy--Live And Dangerous
Galactic Cowboys--Machine Fish
Henry Paul--Grey Ghost
Steven Wilson--To The Bone
The Wildhearts--The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed!
Outlaws--Diablo Canyon
Styx--Greatest Hits Part 2
Judas Priest--Point Of Entry


I have the Toto and Heart albums though I don't listen to them very often.

I have the Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest albums as well and I listen to them more often.

Trixter - Human Era

Dangerous Toys - Pissed

Danger Danger - Screw It!

Europe - Secret Society

Dokken - Long Way Home

Pop Evil - War Of Angels

Contraband - S/T

Edge Of Forever - Let The Demon Rock 'n' Roll

Vanity Ink - More Senseless Random Behaviour

Lizzy Borden - Deal With The Devil

Hardline - Double Eclipse

Icarus Witch - Rise

Firefly - After The Fire

Van Zant - Brother To Brother

White Sister - S/T

Doro - Fight

Jacob's Dream - S/T

Various- The Lost Boys Soundtrack

Europe - walk The Earth

Icarus Witch - Songs For The Lost

Taraxacum- Spirit Of Freedom

Nina Gordon - Bleeding Heart Graffiti

Ebony Ark - when The City Is Quiet

Ramones - Halfway To Sanity

Chris Stapleton - Traveller

25 (337)

I have written Cassette Chronicle articles about the Danger Danger, Hardline and Contraband albums.

I love that Dokken album and I have the Doro and Europe albums as well. Though I will say I wasn't crazy about Walk The Earth. I liked War of Kings better.

What are you listening to?

This week I listened to a limited selection of music:

Judas Priest - British Steel, Screaming For Vengeance, Ram It Down, Painkiller, Redeemer of Souls

Halford - Resurrection

Billy Squier - Don't Say No

Whitesnake - Trouble, Love Hunter, the Heart of the City, Slide It In, S/T

Alabama - Southern Star
Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel
Ted Nugent - Love Grenade
Coheed And Cambria - In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3
Eddie Money - Eddie Money
Eddie Money - Life For The Taking
Eddie Money - No Control
The Cars - Heartbeat City
The Cars - Candy-O
The Cars - Shake It Up
Neal Morse - Jesus Christ The Exorcist
Inglorious- Ride To Nowhere
Love/Hate - Black Out In The Red Room
Steve Jones - Fire And Gasoline

14 (588)

1021. Messiah Prophet ‎– Master Of The Metal ℗1986/©199? (5)
1022. Messiah Prophet Band ‎– Rock The Flock ℗1984/©199? (3)
1023. Metal Lady ‎– Azé A Nő, Aki Megműveli ℗1994 (0)
1024. Metalium ‎– Millennium Metal: Chapter One ℗1999 (9)
1025. Metalium ‎– State Of Triumph: Chapter Two ℗2000 (3)
1026. Metal Praise ‎– S/T ℗1992 (0)
1027. Metropolis ‎– Unsure Destination ℗1994 (3)
1028. Mex ‎– Senki És Semmi ℗1991 (0)
1029. Mex ‎– Őrülj+ ℗1993 (0)
1030. Mex ‎– Botrány ℗1996 (0)
1031. Mex ‎– Pszicho-Pata ℗1999 (0)
1032. MHV ‎– Bölcsőtől A Sírig ℗1995 (0)
1033. Michaels, Bret ‎– A Letter From Death Row ℗1998 (3)
1034. Michele Luppi's Heaven ‎– Strive ℗2005/©2009 (12)
1035. Midnight Darkness ‎– Holding The Night ℗1985/©1990 (0)
1036. Midnight Sun ‎– Another World ℗1997 (12)
1037. Midnight Sun ‎– Above & Beyond ℗1998 (6)
1038. Midnight Sun ‎– Nemesis ℗1999 (17)
1039. Millenium ‎– Angelfire ℗1999 (3)
1040. Millenium ‎– Hourglass ℗2000 (4)
1041. Millenium ‎– Jericho ℗2004 (1)
1042. Mind Masque ‎– S/T ℗1998/©1999 (3)
1043. Mind Odyssey ‎– Keep It All Turning ℗1993/©1994 (7)
1044. Mind Odyssey ‎– Schizophenia ℗1995 (2)
1045. Mind Odyssey ‎– Time To Change It ℗2009 (1)
1046. Missa Mercuria ‎– S/T ℗2002 (20)
1047. Missing Infinity ‎– Twisted Turns ℗1999 (3)
1048. Mistheria ‎– Messenger Of The Gods ℗2004 (3)
1049. Mitchell, Kim ‎– Aural Fixations ℗1992 (15)
1050. Mitchell, P.K. ‎– All Hail The Power: The Rock Hymns Project ℗1993 (7)

($2559.46 - $3464.13)

At one point I had the Metalium - Millenium Metal: Chapter One but I really didn't think much of it so I ended up getting rid of it.

Your loss, someone else gains.

Eddie Money--Life For The Taking
Riverside--Shrine of New Generation Slaves
Raven--Live At The Inferno
Uriah Heep--The Magician's Birthday
The Charlie Daniels Band--Saddle Tramp
The Cars--Panorama
Widespread Panic--Dirty Side Down
Thin Lizzy--Thunder And Lightning
Kate Bush--Hounds Of Love
The Kinks--One For The Road
Neil Young--Greatest Hits
Pink Floyd--Echoes: The Best Of Pink Floyd
The Beatles--Rubber Soul
Ozzy Osbourne--The Ultimate Sin
Ohio Players--Fire
Van Halen--5150
Faith No More--The Real Thing
Henry Paul Band--Feel The Heat
Steven Wilson--Hand. Cannot. Erase.
Iron Maiden--Dance Of Death
AC/DC--Highway To Hell


Ozzy's The Ultimate Sin was my first Ozzy purchase and still remains my favorite album from him.

I have the Journey, Van Halen and AC/DC albums. And I have and LOVE the Iron Maiden album.


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