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So what are you listening to right now?  Any genre is cool.


For me:


Scott's Hidden Treasure

Depeche Mode - Wrong (courtesy of Niels)

Kim Mitchell - Akimbo Alogo (courtesy of Jon)

Next week's Album of the Week (hint: think orchestra)

Shinedown - The Sound of Madness

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I've got the two Lou Gramm albums and I wrote Cassette Chronicles articles on both of them. I have the Journey album too.

This week's playlist!

Illusory - Crimson Wreath

House Of Lords - World Upside Down

House Of Lords - Live In The UK

House Of Lords - Come To My Kingdom

Black Sabbath - Heaven And Hell

Helloween - Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II

Queensryche - Operation:mindcrime

“ The great thing about vinyl is that if you wanted to get a decent-sounding cut,
you could really only have 20 minutes max on each side. ”
                                                                                        — Kate Bush

“ It's also ironic that in the old days of tape and tape hiss and vinyl records and surface noise,
we were always trying to get records louder and louder to overcome that. ”
                                                                                                                    — T Bone Burnett
12" - LP's/EP's

76. Le Mans – On The Streets ℗1983 (LP)
77. Levay, Tibor – Gipsy Boobie ℗1985 (EP)
78. MacAlpine, Tony – Edge Of Insanity ℗1985 (LP)
79. Malice – License To Kill ℗1987 (LP)
80. Mama's Boys – S/T ℗1984 (LP)
81. Mama's Boys – Power And Passion ℗1985 (LP)
82. Manojlović, Zlatko – Jednoj Ženi ℗1983 (LP)
83. Marino – II ℗1985 (LP)
84. Matchbox – Rockabilly Rebel ℗1979/©? (LP)
85. Matchbox – Midnite Dynamos ℗1980 (LP)
86. Modern System – S/T ℗1989 (LP)
87. Moore, Gary – Corridors Of Power ℗1982/©1983 (LP)
88. Moore, Gary – Victims Of The Future ℗1983/©1984 (LP)
89. Napoleon Boulevard – Mennyből Az Angyal ℗1989 (LP)
90. Napoleon Boulevard – 5. Legyetek Jók, Ha Tudtok ℗1990 (LP)
91. Éva-Neoton – Minden Megoldás Érdekel ℗1992 (LP)
92. Neoton Familia – Marathon ℗1980 (LP inc. Inner Credits-Sheet)
93. Neoton Familia – Szerencsejáték ℗1982 (LP inc. Inner Credits-Sheet)
94. Neoton Família – S/T ℗1983 (LP)
95. Neoton Família – Karnevál ℗1984 (LP)
96. Neoton Familia – Vonalra Várva ℗1988 (LP inc. Inner Credits-Sheet)
97. Neoton Família – Abrakadabra ℗1989 (LP inc. Inner Credits-Sheet)
98. Only Child – S/T ℗1988 (LP inc. Inner Credits-Sleeve)
99. Orange – Madbringer ℗1983 (LP)

“ I hardly ever listen to any of our old stuff now.
Once the songs have been recorded and put on vinyl they become someone else's entertainment,
not mine. ”
                  — Robert Smith

I like that Robert Smith quote...

Matthew Wilder—I Don't Speak The Language
Wham!--Make It Big
Cyndi Lauper—She's So Unusual
Tracy Chapman—Tracy Chapman
Billy Joel—An Innocent Man
Starship—Knee Deep In The Hoopla
City Boy—City Boy
Phenomena—Phenomena III: Innervision
The Moody Blues—To Our Children's Children's Children
Blue Oyster Cult—Tyranny & Mutation
Corey Hart—Bang!
Charlie Sexton—Charlie Sexton
Nuclear Valdez—I Am I
The Sherbs—Defying Gravity
Cheap Trick—The Doctor
Roadmaster—Sweet Music
Duke Jupiter—White Knuckle Ride
Loggins & Messina—Mother Lode
Bachman-Turner Overdrive--Bachman-Turner Overdrive
The Motels—Motels
Black 'N Blue—In Heat
Holland—Little Monsters
Von Groove—The Seventh Day
Stevie Wonder—Fulfullingness' First Finale
Porcupine Tree—Closure/Continuation
Stage Dolls--Commandos
Star Cruiser—To The Moon
McGuffey Lane—Call Me Lucky
The Godz—The Godz
The Rockets—No Ballads
Jon Butcher Axis—Jon Butcher Axis
Le Roux—Last Safe Place


I have the Cindy Lauper, Billy Joel, Nuclear Valdez, Cheap Trick, Black 'N Blue and Dio albums.

687. Grand Funk Railroad - Grand Funk

688. Grand Funk Railroad - Closer To Home

689. Grand Funk Railroad - E Pluribus Funk

690. Grand Funk - We’re An American Band

691. Grand Funk - Shinin’ On

692. Great White - Great White

693. Great White - Shot In The Dark

694. Great White - Once Bitten

695. Great White - …Twice Shy

696. Great White - Hooked 

697. Great White - Psycho City

698. Great White - Sail Away

699. Great White - Let It Rock

700. Great White - Can’t Get There From Here

701. Great White - Back To The Rhythm 

702. Great White - Rising 

703. Honeymoon Suite - The Big Prize

704. Peter Frampton - The Art Of Control

705. Generation X - Anthology 

Album Streams

706. Blackhawk - Blue Highway 

707. BoDeans - 4 The Last Time

708. Porcupine Tree - Closure/Continuation 

I have the Once Bitten, ...Twice Shy, Hooked and Can't Get There From albums from Great White and that Honeymoon Suite album.

The first two Great White albums are really, really good.  Really, the only one out of that bunch that just falls completely flat is Back To The Rhythm.  

I don't think I've even heard those first two albums. I know at one point I've heard Shot In The Dark. I just don't own it.

This week's playlist!

Illusory - Crimson Wreath

Sabaton - The War To End All Wars

Def Leppard - High 'n' Dry

Billy Pilgrim - Bloom

Cinderella - Heartbreak Station

Great White - Can't Get There From Here

Eddie And The Tide—Go Out And Get It
Franke And The Knockouts—Below The Belt
Beau Coup—Born & Raised (On Rock & Roll)
Brighton Rock—Take A Deep Breath
Fist—Fleet Street
Rough Trade—For Those Who Think Young
The Rods—Let Them Eat Metal
Madam X—We Reserve The Right
Princess Pang—Princess Pang
Devil City Angels—Devil City Angels
Big Cock—Motherload
Love Razer—Border City Rebels
Red Voodoo—Bring It Back
BlackØwl—Fly Away
Hell's Addiction—Broken
Burnt Out Wreck—This Is Hell
Stone Whiskey—Rebels Of The Sun
American Bombshell—No Regrets
Jizzy Pearl—All You Need Is Soul
Electric Mary—Mother
Red Sky Mary—Red Sky Mary
Naked Gypsy Queens—Naked Gypsy Queens
Mojothunder—Hymns From The Electric Church
The Gasoline Gypsies—Songs From The Pause
Jive Mother Mary—8 Tracks
The Georgia Shine Band—Evil
Faith No More—King For A Day...Fool For A Lifetime
Rod Stewart—The Tears Of Hercules
Dan Reed Network—Let's Hear It For The King
The Southern Locomotive Band—Luck Of The Draw
Skinny Molly—Here For A Good Time
Frank Bang & The Secret Stash—And They Named It Rock And Roll
Blindside Blues Band—Blindside Blues Band
Kinsey Report—Midnight Drive
Various—Greatest Hits Of The 70's 3
The Forty Fours—Twist The Knife



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