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So what are you listening to right now?  Any genre is cool.


For me:


Scott's Hidden Treasure

Depeche Mode - Wrong (courtesy of Niels)

Kim Mitchell - Akimbo Alogo (courtesy of Jon)

Next week's Album of the Week (hint: think orchestra)

Shinedown - The Sound of Madness

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That is something I noticed about the IM fans. If you were with them from the beginning you simply cannot NOT like Di'anno and the first two albums. If the band didn't have Di'anno they wouldn't be where they are today. Di'anno is a different type of singer. Not nearly as good as Bruce (I can admit that and I like Bruce more than Di'anno myself plus 666 is my favorite IM album), but still he was a very good fit for IM and album No.1 & 2 beats everything past POM. No small thanks to Clive Burr who could ran circles around Nicko. Not to mention Dennis Stratton, who I like just a bit more than Adrian and Janick combined.

Fans who started with Bruce have a hard time adjusting to Di'anno, but that is just a giveaway of when they joined the club. They also tend to be more tolerant of the BB era. Which is forgivable, but you got to give the first two albums another listen. At least until you can appreciate them as a part of something special.

I acknowledge their importance to the overall Maiden story. I just have never really been able to appreciate them like I should.

And others may do it, but I've never hidden where my fandom for Iron Maiden started. If asked I always say it was the Somewhere In Time album.

And to your point about Blaze Bayley, I actually do like most of those two albums he did with the band.


Saigon Kick - Water

Warrant - Dog Eat Dog

L. A. Guns - Vicious Circle

Stryper - Murder By Pride

Ratt - Collage

Poison - Flesh & Blood

Ratt - Ratt

White Lion - Big Game

Steelheart - Steelheart

Great White - Can’t Get There From Here

Enuff Z’Nuff - Tweaked

Scorpions - Lovedrive

Dokken - Breaking The Chains

Union - The Blue Room

Poison - Open Up And Say...Ahh!

Arcade - A/2

Saigon Kick - Saigon Kick

L. A. Guns - L. A. Guns

Stryper - Soldiers Under Command

Skid Row - B-Side Ourselves 

Bruce Dickinson- Accident Of Birth

21 (424)

I can't remember if I have that White Lion album or not.

I have the Dokken and L.A. Guns self-titled albums.

And I think the Great White and Bruce Dickinson albums are outstanding!

751. Iron Savior ‎– Unification ℗1999 (22)
752. Iron Savior ‎– Interlude ℗1999 (7)
753. Isengard ‎– Crownless Majesty ℗2001 (2)
754. It Is I ‎– Evolve ℗1994 (2)
755. It's Alive ‎– S/T ℗1991 (0)
756. Ivanhoe ‎– Symbols Of Time ℗1995/©1996 (2)
757. Ivory Tower ‎– S/T ℗1998 (8)
758. Ivory Tower ‎– Beyond The Stars ℗2000 (8)
759. Jackal ‎– Vague Visions ℗1993 (8)
760. Jackal ‎– A Safe Look In Mirrors ℗1994 (3)
761. Jackyl ‎– Cut The Crap ℗1997 (14)
762. Jacob's Dream ‎– S/T ℗2000 (11)
763. Jacob's Dream ‎– Theater Of War ℗2001 (4)
764. Jade ‎– If You're Man Enough ℗1985/©2007 (7)
765. Jaded Heart ‎– IV ℗1999 (10)
766. Jag Panzer ‎– The Fourth Judgement ℗1997 (4)
767. Jag Panzer ‎– The Age Of Mastery ℗1998 (4)
768. Jailhouse ‎– S/T ℗1998 (6)
769. James, Richard - Reflections ℗1996 (5)
770. Janz, Paul ‎– Electricity ℗1987 (7)
771. Jerusalem ‎– Prophet ℗1994 (6)
772. Jerusalem Slim ‎– S/T ℗1992/©1996 (8)
773. Jesse's Powertrip ‎– Not So Innocent ℗1999 (22)
774. Jesus ‎– Le Dernier Slow ℗2019 (10)
775. Jet Red ‎– S/T ℗1989 (5)
776. Jill's Project ‎– Last Contract ℗2004 (2)
777. Jones, Steve ‎– Mercy ℗1987 (34)
778. Jorn ‎– Starfire ℗2000 (11)
779. J.R.S. ‎– Wings Of Gold ℗1999 (7)
780. Kalapács ‎– Az Első Merénylet ℗2000 (0)

($1157.36 - $1907)

Saxon--Denim And Leather
Queen--Hot Space
Ted Nugent--Weekend Warriors
Cheap Trick--The Latest
The Outlaws--Lady In Waiting
The Kinks--Word Of Mouth
Iron Maiden--Fear of The Dark
Molly Hatchet--Molly Hatchet
Uriah Heep--Sea Of Light
Pat Benatar--Innamorata
The Cars--Candy-O
Trouble--Plastic Green Head
The Cult--Beyond Good And Evil
Galactic Cowboys--The Horse That Bud Bought
Elton John--Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy
The Marshall Tucker Band--Tuckerized
The Rolling Stones--Bridges To Babylon
David Bowie--Hunky Dory
Kansas--Drastic Measures
Genesis--...And The There Were Three...
King's X--Ogre Tones
Funkadelic--Uncle Jam Wants You!
Dan Reed Network--Dan Reed Network
ABC--The Lexicon Of Love
Blue Oyster Cult--Secret Treaties
Fleetwood Mac--Rumours
Chris Caffery--Faces


I've got the Cheap Trick, Journey, Fleetwood Mac and Chris Caffery albums and I actually reviewed that King's X album.

As for the Iron Maiden album, I listened to that one at work just yesterday!

I just bought that CC album.  I have no idea what kind of music it is.


Helloween - EP/Walls Of Jericho

Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind

Overkill - Under The Influence

Strapping Young Lad - The New Black

Black Sabbath - Tyr

Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power

Judas Priest - Ram It Down

Testament - Practice What You Preach

Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss

Death Angel - Relentless Retribution 

Opeth - Heritage 

Accept - Blood Of Nations

Savatage - Fight For The Rock

Anthrax - Worship Music

14 (438)

I have 8 of those albums.


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