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So what are you listening to right now?  Any genre is cool.


For me:


Scott's Hidden Treasure

Depeche Mode - Wrong (courtesy of Niels)

Kim Mitchell - Akimbo Alogo (courtesy of Jon)

Next week's Album of the Week (hint: think orchestra)

Shinedown - The Sound of Madness

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Pretty good but seemed a little bit TOO mellow in places but when it rocked, it seriously rocked. Found it cheap thru Amazon Warehouse and the disc tray was totally mangled as well as part of the digipack, but the CD was perfectly fine. Think it cost around $6 due to the damage.

I might've bought it too in that condition if I was just looking to hear the album and not really worried about condition or anything. So long as the disc played correctly.

“ I would rather write 10,000 notes than a single letter of the alphabet. ”
                                                                                                                 ― Ludwig Van Beethoven

561. Yosuke Miyake's Strange, Beautiful And Loud ‎– Lotus And Visceral Songs ℗2009 (3)
562. Yosuke Miyake's Strange, Beautiful And Loud ‎– Orchestral Supreme ℗2014 (3)
563. You‎– Andromedia ℗2019 (0)
564. Young, Powell ‎– 2065 Flying Fingers ℗2002 (4)
565. Zappa, Dweezil ‎– Automatic ℗2000 (17)
566. Zaza, Neil ‎– Thrills & Chills ℗1993 (2)
567. Zaza, Neil ‎– Sing ℗1996/©1997 (10)
568. Zaza, Neil ‎– Staring At The Sun ℗1999 (1)
569. Zaza, Neil ‎– When Gravity Fails ℗2006 (1)
570. Zinchuk, Victor (Виктор Зинчук) ‎– Неоклассика (Neoclassical) ℗1999 (3)
571. Zinchuk, Victor (Виктор Зинчук) ‎– Неолирика (Neolyrica) ℗2000 (0)
572. Ziras, Theodore ‎– Trained To Play ℗2001 (3)
573. Ziras, Theodore ‎– Monster 5 ℗2011 (1)

($749.69 - $959.82)

“ Some people think a song without words isn’t a real song.
Tell that to Beethoven and he’ll kick your ass! ”
                                                                         — Eddie Van Halen

426. Joe Lynn Turner - JLT

427. Ozzy Osbourne - Black Rain

428. Threshold - Legends Of The Shires

429. Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators - Apocalyptic Love

430. Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn Of Events

431. Black Country Communion - 2

432. Extreme - Saudades de Rock

433. Cheap Trick - Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello

434. Ratt - Infestation 

435. UFO - Seven Deadly

436. Billy Idol - Kings & Queens Of The Underground 

437. Scorpions - Humanity: Hour 1

I've got a few Joe Lynn Turner albums, but I don't think I have the one on your list. I have the Ozzy Osbourne, Black Country Communion and Cheap Trick albums though.

My playlist this week:

Helloween - S/T

Iron Maiden - Live After Death

Bedlam Bards & Marc Gunn - Firefly Drinking Songs

Van Halen - Diver Down

Van Halen - 1984

Van Halen -5150

Van Halen - OU812

Van Halen - For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

Van Halen - Balance

Survivor - Vital Signs

Armored Saint - Punching The Sky

Uriah Heep - Outsider

Uriah Heep - Living The Dream

Robin McAuley - Standing On The Edge

Heart - S/T

Def Leppard - Euphoria

AC/DC - Highway To Hell

AC/DC - Back In Black

Don Barnes - Ride The Storm

Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer

Alice Cooper - Paranormal

Steve Whiteman - You're Welcome

Accept The Rise OF Chaos

Accept - Too Mean To Die

Cinderella - Long Cold Winter

I also listened to a new-to-me album from Uriah Heep. The album is called Sweet Freedom but I can't figure out what version of the CD I have. It has one bonus track called "Sunshine" on it. However, according to the album's Wikipedia entry, the only reissues done for the album has two and four bonus tracks. So that's a bit odd to me.

Thanks Yngve! Rjhog was helping me to figure it out on FB earlier today as well. 

Def Leppard—X
Andrew Gold—Whirlwind
Fates Warning—Awaken The Guardian
Queen—The Game
Maria McKee—Peddlin' Dreams
Various—All Music Guide: Classic Rock
Rush—Grace Under Pressure
The Georgia Satellites—Georgia Satellites
Whitesnake—Ready An' Willing
Dokken—Breaking The Chains
Bob Newhart—Behind The Button-Down Mind Of Bob Newhart
Chicago—Chicago 17
Sly & The Family Stone—The Essential Sly & The Family Stone
Various—70's Rock Hits
The J. Geils Band—Ladies Invited
Foghat—Boogie Motel
Pat Travers—Black Pearl
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band—Live
UFO—The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent
Foreigner—No End In Sight: The Very Best Of Foreigner
Various—Absolutely The Best Of Modern Rock
Pantera—Cowboys From Hell
Deep Purple—Machine Head
Iron Maiden—Brave New World
Dream Theater—Distance Over Time
Judas Priest—Nostradamus
ZZ Top—Greatest Hits


From your list this week I have the albums from Def Leppard, Fates Warning, Maria McKee, Whitesnake, Dokken, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

This week cleaning the house was in order before I could tackle a new genre.
Few CDs from previous music styles, that were hiding where they weren't supposed to.

“ I gave up language for a while, and I started painting. And then,
I only listened to Miles Davis and other instrumental music to see how it felt to be without words. ”

                                                                                                                                       ― Rosanne Cash

574. Елена Сигалова & Seagall ‎– Illusions ℗2008 (0)
575. Dan Keller Sultan Of String ‎– Electric Storm ℗2004 (7)
576. Kelly Simonz's Blind Faith ‎– Sign Of The Times ℗1998 (14)

An AOR saved is HARD&HEAVY earned.

2073. Europe ‎– The Final Countdown ℗1986/©2019 (46)
2074. Fargo ‎– F ℗1982/©2003 (0)
2075. Majesty ‎– Sword & Sorcery ©2002 (9)
2076. Taylor, Andy ‎– Thunder ℗1987 (5)
2077. Wood ‎– Against The Grain ℗1994 (13)


I was scouting the 'net for something Patricia Paay said and this is the only thing I found relevant.
And it's not even what she said... but what she did.
Funny... I mean... Shocking!

" Patricia Paay pisses next to a pot of €420,000 and receives a €7 million claim for damages. "

That being said, now I'd like to hear what's her excuse for such childish behavior?
I bet PP would probably say something like: " When you gotta go, you gotta go! "
Still, it's careless to just piss away so much money.

146. Paay, Patricia ‎– Beam Of Light - The Lady Is A Champ - Malibu Touch - Playmate
                                                                                                (4CD) ℗1975/1977/1978/1981©2006 (0)

($1579.28 - $1808.04)

Next week:
Well, last time when I started a new pile I asked all of you to guess which style is it going to be. Only TageRyche answered (and correctly I might add), so I thought what if I make it a trivia (like with my Island Collection in the "Late To The Party" feature)? Givin points for the correct answers. Hmmm? I can try, and see if you guys are a game. No, I won't ask you to guess which music style I'm listening to next. That would be too easy. Given how only one group left. ROCK. Granted, it is a collection of sub-genres, but even that would be easy to predict, yet hard to properly reward with points. So, I thoght of...
tara ta ta... tara ta ta... tara tata... Somethin' Else!

As you can see from above, so far I have:
2077 CDs in AOR/Hard/Heavy
576 CDs in Instrumentals, and
146 CDs in POP...
In this scheme, where would ROCK land, number-wise?

a.) Rock is < 146 CDs
b.) Rock is >146 but < 576 CDs
c.) Rock is > 576 but < 2077 CDs
d.) Rock is > 2077 CDs

1 Point for everybody who can guess the correct answer.

I've got the Europe CD from your list.

But I'm stumped for your new trivia list question thus far.


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