Classic Rock Bottom


So what are you listening to right now?  Any genre is cool.


For me:


Scott's Hidden Treasure

Depeche Mode - Wrong (courtesy of Niels)

Kim Mitchell - Akimbo Alogo (courtesy of Jon)

Next week's Album of the Week (hint: think orchestra)

Shinedown - The Sound of Madness

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I've got that Dokken album.

I've been thinking recently of getting the Motley Crue album discography but I'm not sure yet. 

That W.A.S.P. album is one of the few I don't have.

Is that AC/DC - Greatest Hits a bootleg?

Wait. Did Jon manufacture it for you?

I want mine too!

Yep. A boot.  Made in Thailand supposedly.  

Yeah, I've been eyeballing a Russian (2CD) AC DC - Greatest Hits boot, but couldn't pull the trigger. Sent the shop that lists it an email (both through their site's contact form, as well as their "if you have a problem with your order" provided email address) just to see if they will reply but got no answer, which makes it look very fishy, so I gave up. Too bad, they list a few other Best Of boots that have a better selection than most of the legit releases.

I thought you might have gotten one of these Russian Unofficial releases, so I could ask for your experience of acquiring it.

My latest playlist:

Reverend - Live

Warren Zevon - Mutineer

Warren Zevon - Life'll Kill Ya

Warren Zevon - My Ride's Here

Warren Zevon - The Wind

Frederiksen/Denander - Baptism By Fire

House of Lords - World Upside Down

House of Lords - Live In The U.K.

House of Lords - Come To My Kingdom

House of Lords - Saint of the Lost Souls

Judas Priest - Painkiller

James Christian - Lay It All On Me

.38 Special - The Very Best of the A&M Years (1977-1988)

Eclipse - Are You Ready To Rock

David Readman - S/T

Iron Maiden - Dance of Death

Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier

Ted Nugent - If You Can't Lick 'Em...Lick 'Em

Dio - Magica

Badlands - Dusk

Damn Yankees - S/T

Domain - Stardawn

You can lead AOR to the water, but you can't make it HARD&HEAVY.
2008. Gleason, Michael ‎– Children Of Choices ℗1990 (5)
2009. Gordi ‎– Pakleni Trio ℗1981/©1995 (0)
2010. Gral ‎– The Man From The Moon ℗1988 (0)
2011. Gun Barrel ‎– Battle-Tested ℗2002/©2003 (3)
2012. Guardians Of The Flame ‎– Under A Savage Sky ©2003 (1)
2013. Hammerforce ‎– Access Denied ©2013 (4)
2014. Hangar ‎– Stronger Than Ever (2CD) ©2016 (7)
2015. Hangar ‎– The Best Of 15 Years, Based On A True Story... (2CD) ©2017 (12)
2016. Helix ‎– Walkin' The Razor's Edge ℗1984/©2003 (13)
2017. Hell 'n' Back ‎– Demo'n Supremacy ©2005 (0)
2018. Helloween ‎– Walls Of Jericho ℗1985/©2002 (30)
2019. Helloween ‎– Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Part I ℗1987 (48)
2020. Helloween ‎– Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Part II ℗1988 (59)
2021. Helstar ‎– T' Was The Night Of A Hellish Xmas ©2000 (0)
2022. Hemisphere ‎– Mind's Door ©2001 (3)
2023. Hirvanen, Petteri ‎– Project Forever ℗1997 (0)
2024. Iron Mask ‎– Revenge Is My Name ©2002 (0)
2025. Iron Mask ‎– Black As Death ©2011 (19)
2026. Iron Mask ‎– Fifth Son Of Winterdoom ©2013 (1)
2027. Ivan Mihaljevic & Side Effects ‎– Destination Unknown ©2010 (5)

($1787.97 - $2437.98)

I have the three Helloween albums.

I think I have a cassette version of that Helix album but I'll have to check The Big Box of Cassettes that I have for my series of articles.

Yep, I have a cassette version of that Helix album. I think RJhog might've sent me that one.


Now the ball is in your court.

Stevie Nicks—Rock A Little
Ted Nugent—Ted Nugent
Kick Axe—Rock The World
Fleetwood Mac—Fleetwood Mac
AC/DC—For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)
Iron Maiden—Somewhere In Time


Of those albums I only have the Iron Maiden release which I just wrote about for my Cassette Chronicles series.

I would pick up that AC/DC album if I ever decide to grab up their discography. I might like to hear that Stevie Nicks album someday.

I've never heard anything from Kick Axe though.

551. Europe - Europe

552. Opeth - Morningrise

553. Styx - The Grand Illusion/Pieces Of Eight Live

554. Opeth - My Hearse, Your Arms

555. Point Blank - American Excess/On A Roll

556. Opeth - Still Life

557. The Black Crowes - The Southern Dreams

558. Tracy Bonham - The Liverpool Sessions

559. Tift Merritt -See You On The Moon

560. Gretchen Peters - Gretchen Peters 

561. The Handsome Family - Last Days Of Wonder

562. Reckless Kelly - Sunset Motel

563. The Smithereens - Meet The Smithereens!

564. Dio - Angry Machines

565. Brothers Osborne - Pawn Shop

566. The Steel Woods - Straw In The Wind


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