Classic Rock Bottom


So what are you listening to right now?  Any genre is cool.


For me:


Scott's Hidden Treasure

Depeche Mode - Wrong (courtesy of Niels)

Kim Mitchell - Akimbo Alogo (courtesy of Jon)

Next week's Album of the Week (hint: think orchestra)

Shinedown - The Sound of Madness

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A good AOR is HARD&HEAVY to find.
2048. Dream Theater ‎– Black Clouds & Silver Linings (3CD) ©2009 (28)
2049. HammerFall ‎– Glory To The Brave ℗1997/©2001 (20)
2050. May, Brian ‎– Last Horizon (EP-CD) ℗1993 (1)
2051. Metalium ‎– As One - Chapter Four ©2003 (17)
2052. Michael Schenker Group ‎– MSG ℗1981/©1988 (2)
2053. Michael Schenker Group ‎– Essential Michael Schenker Group ℗1992 (16)
2054. Money, Eddie ‎– Life For The Taking ℗1978/©1986 (15)
2055. Motörhead ‎– Ace Of Spades ℗1980/©1996 (1)
2056. Naked Research ‎– S/T ℗1995 (0)
2057. Nozomu Wakai's Destinia ‎– Requiem For A Scream ©2014 (0)
2058. Ohmura, Takayoshi ‎– Nowhere To Go (EP-CD) ©2004 (4)
2059. Ohmura, Takayoshi ‎– Emotions In Motion ©2007 (3)
2060. Ohta, Katsu ‎– Eternal And External ©2009 (4)
2061. Pathfinder ‎– Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time (CD+DVD) ©2010 (6)
2062. Pete Sandberg's Jade ‎– S/T ℗1999 (1)
2063. Poison Sun ‎– Virtual Sin ©2010 (1)
2064. Pomaranča ‎– Takoj Se Dava Dol (Get Down, Immediately!) ℗1995 (0)
2065. Primal Fear ‎– Metal Is Forever - The Very Best Of Primal Fear (2CD) ©2006 (2)
2066. R.U.S.T. ‎– Forged In The Fire Of Metal ©2011 (2)
2067. Shanghai ‎– S/T ℗1982/©2009 (9)
2068. Starz ‎– Brightest Starz: Anthology ℗2000/©2007 (1)
2069. Temple ‎– S/T ℗1995 (0)
2070. The Art Of Dethronement/Without Face ‎– Down On My Knees/Deep Inside ℗1999/©2000

($2090.76 - $2900.54)

That's it!
This concludes my AOR/HARD&HEAVY "later" pile. Unless there is something still hiding among the other piles more fitting to be included here (in which case, "later" I'll circle back to end it), I'm over the hump. Indeed, I have more AOR/HARD&HEAVY CDs than all the other genres combined together, and it only took me... What? Almost two years to get here? Eh, doesn't matter. It's like opening a time capsule. Next week, it's up to another "later" pile to provide me with some "it was about time" listening pleasure.

The only one we have in common here is the Motorhead album.


I thought you had that Eddie Money.

I don't think so. I have a few of his albums since I've written about them in the Cassette Chronicles series, but I don't believe that is one of them.

AC/DC—Who Made Who
Cheap Trick—Standing On The Edge
Peter Frampton—The Art Of Control
Blue Oyster Cult—Agents Of Fortune
Electric Light Orchestra—Discovery
Steve Vai—Sex & Religion
David Bowie—Black Tie White Noise
Boston—Don't Look Back
The Romantics—Playlist: The Very Best Of The Romantics
Sparks—Terminal Jive
Neil Schon & Jan Hammer—Untold Passion
Foghat—Tight Shoes
Various—I, Tonya: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Peter Cetera—Peter Cetera
Golden Earring—The Continuing Story Of Radar Love
Devo—Hot Potatoes: The Best Of Devo
Cat Stevens—Gold
Fleetwood Mac—Then Play On
Raven—Metal City
Pat Travers—The Best Of Pat Travers


That Cheap Trick album is my favorite album from them.

My playlist:

Overkill - The Years of Decay

Queensryche - Operation:mindcrime

Savatage - Dead Winter Dead

Kiss - Music From The Elder

Survivor - S/T

Eugene Edwards - My Favorite Revolution

Slade - Get Yer Boots On - The Best of Slade

AC/DC - Black Ice

Benedictum - Seasons of Tragedy

Sabaton - Heroes

American Angel - Vanity

Sonic X - S/T

Avantasia - The Scarecrow

Iron Maiden - Live After Death

Accept - Objection Overruled

Queen - Classic Queen

Not that it matters but I forgot to add Slade's Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply to my list yesterday.

580. Sass Jordan - Tell Somebody

581. Neal Morse - Sola Gratia

582. Various Artists - 80’s Metal Gold

583. Journey  - Red 13

584. Abraxas Pool - Abraxas Pool

585. Skid Row - Thickskin

586. Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters EP

587. David Lee Roth - Diamond Dave

588. Tesla - RePlugged Live

I have that Tesla album.

I'd love to have that Sass Jordan album.

589. Art Of Anarchy - The Madness

590. Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment

591. Stone Sour - House Of Gold & Bones Part 1

592. Love/Hate - Let’s Rumble 

593. Sister Sin - True Sound Of The Underground 

594. Van Halen - Van Halen

595. Van Halen - Van Halen II

596. Van Halen - Women And Children First

597. Megadeth - Cryptic Writings

598. Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Reaction - Tattooed Beat Messiah

I've got those three Van Halen albums. The debut will be on my list this week for sure.


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