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We've done this one a good bit, but it's been a while. So, for me, these are some of the releases I'm spinning a lot right now:

"Fortress" - Alter Bridge

"Finding What Hurts" - Ledfoot Messiah

"Something Unto Nothing" - S.U.N.

"American Honey" - Stone Machine

"The Power Of Rock N Roll/Juggernaut" - Frank Marino (a two CD "re-release" package)

"Onyx" - Pop Evil

...and still spinning it a lot ..."My Chemical Wedding" (deluxe version with 3 bonus tracks - all great!)..."Accident Of Birth"...and "Balls To Picasso"....all from Bruce Dickinson.




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Let's see:

Seventh Key - I Will Survive - The melodies on this are just beautiful.  Great melodic rock record.

Jason Isbell - Southeastern - I'd say this is tops right now.  It's not rock, not completely country.  Definitely singer/songwriter.  And some great songs written.  Lyrically this is the best thing I've heard this year.  I just ordered something from his back catalog today.

Will Hoge - Number Seven - From 2011, another singer/songwriter.  I guess I'm really into that right now.  Just got another of his cd's as well.  It seems as though he released a CD this year and I didn't know it.  Ran across it in Wally World this weekend and got as a stocking stuffer.  Can't wait to hear it.

John Elefante - On My Way To The Sun

John Elefante and Mastedon - Revolution of Mind (Hate to admit it but Jon was right about this one, its freaky good!!)

Circa - And So On + Overflow


Stryper - No More Hell To Pay

Every single Rush disc I own

Cool. I don't have to post Mastedon!

You should...  everyone needs to hear this!

Why? Oh, yes......

"Jon was right about this one"

Rjhog will throw a hissy at this first one:

Steven Wilson--The Raven That Refused To Sing (if I'm just noodling around on the computer, I pull this album up and give it a spin)

Daft Punk--Random Access Memory (it's just that fun!)

The theory of everything - Ayreon


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