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Vega/Copenhagen the 10th of november 2011.

4 out of 6 stars.(1 star deducted because of a lousy sound)


It was kind of cool, that it only took me about half an hour, to walk from the office, where I work, and to the venue, where the concert was held. But first of all, I was going to have something to eat together with my good old friend, Johnny, and since it was "Morten's aften (evening)" the menu was Duck!! "Morten's aften" is kind of the same as yours Thanksgiving with, what is it, turkey??  

Vega is a great venue for rock-concerts, well at least, that's what I thought, until now. I've been there 3 times now, and the Mellencamp-concert I saw earlier in 2011 was great with an excellent sound. Now I know, that this is not the place for "Metal"-concerts, and a "Metal"-concert it sure was!!


We had some GREAT "seats" (we were standing at the balcony) for the BSC-"section", unfortunally we left to get some fresh air during the break, and our "seats" were of course taken, so our "seats" for the AB-section was not as good, but okay.


I was surprised how "heavy" a band, BSC in fact is. Some times, I was thinking of Anthrax, both about how they sounded but also in the way they performed on stage. It REALLY was Heavy Metal. They played a few "quite" songs, but it was mostly the "heavy" songs, or they BECAME heavy, when they were played live. I only have one album by them, the newest one, and because of the TERRIBLE sound, most of the songs, I didn't know before, sounded exactly the same to me. The real star of that band is the drummer!!! What a great drummer AND performer!! He had some looong BIG hair, performed like Animal from the Muppets, and stood up playing drums, now and then. The singer/guitarist is an okay singer in my book. Also when he sings live, but not a good front man. The other guitarist and the bass-player was VERY active on stage. Very entertaining band to watch, in fact, a little bit Spinal Tapish, but entertaining..



You can see some pictures from the concert here: well, BSC anyway:

The songs, I remember, they played were: "White Trash Millionaire","Killing Floor", "In My Blood", "Such A Shame" and "Blame it on the Boom-Boom", but also a Stevie Wonder-cover, I can't remember the title and of course "Sweet Home Alabama". They played for about an hour.




Myles Kennedy is a good front man. He's a good singer, an okay guitarist and has a lot of charisma on stage, and he answers a lot of stuff, some people yell at him. Alter Bridge is not at all "Spinal tapish" on stage. They are in fact very cool, to watch, especially Mark Tremonti. Kennedy and Tremonti had a guitar-duel, but it was easy to hear, that Tremonti won that duel. Like I said, the sound was AWFULL. It was much too loud. I don't think, I've ever been to a concert, that was this loud, AND with a lousy sound. When Kennedy sat at a chair and played a few songs on a acustic guitar, was a relief. (see video down below) That was the best sound all night.

But they have a lot of good songs, and they played most of them: "Slip To The Void", "Isolation", "Ghost Of Days Gone By", "Wonderful Life", "Blackbird", "Watch Over You", "Rise Today" and many more. It was only the band playing on stage, no stage-show and no fireworks at all. In fact the total opposite of a KISS-concert, but the crowd loved them, and they are a pretty good live-band. It was a sold out-concert, and you could really tell, that the fans loved them.


Maybe I'm getting a bit too old for "Metal-concerts", I don't know? Anyway, the next concert, I've got tickets for is YES in december.



By the way, It was a bit lucky, that the concert wasn't cancelled, because Myles Kennedy had a major cold, and the concert yesterday (the 12th of november) in Kolding/Jutland was cancelled.


Alter Bridge set-list (sorry about the stupid numbers, I can't delete them):


  1. Watch Over You (Acoustic)


A couple of video's from the concert: (and surprisingly, the sound is not that bad????)








Wait a few seconds, for the picture to be clear:




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Nice review Niels.  That's sort of a catch 22 with rock concerts.  They are meant to be loud, very loud.  But that really affects the sound. 


I'd still love to see this show if it makes it to the states.

Thanks for the review Niels! Sorry the soundman was not having a good night for you! But like RJhog, if this tour comes close to me, I'll be going!


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