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It's been several days since the last posting, so I'll get back on the ball and get the catalog finished up. Everybody loves Bun E. and what he brought to the band, but I really think Dax Nielsen has done a mighty fine job on the new album.  For example, the driving snare on Roll Me is fantastic (very similar to Bun E.'s driving snare on the song Baby No More on the album pictured above).  But enough about the new album, let's talk about another superb outing by the band.  Cheap Trick's second self-titled album was released in 1997.  The album barely broke the Top 100 and has not received a certification.  Say Goodbye was the highest charting single at #119.  So obviously, the album wasn't noticed by the general public.  Which is too bad for the general public, cause it's awesome.  Say Goodbye is another phenomenal song that should have been heard by the masses. The album is just packed with goodness.  Seriously, I could have easily put every song on the playlist, but I'll just pick seven songs.  I guess I should ask you what your opinion is of Cheap Trick 1997?

Album Ranking:

1. Standing On The Edge

2. In Color

3. Dream Police

4. Cheap Trick (1997)

5. Cheap Trick (1977)

6. Heaven Tonight

7. At Budokan (Live)

8. Busted

9. Lap Of Luxury

10. Woke Up With A Monster

11. All Shook Up

12. Next Position Please

13. One On One

14. Found All The Parts (EP)

15. The Doctor

RJ's Ultimate Cheap Trick Playlist:

1. Hot Love

2. He's A Whore

3. Mandocello

4. Oh Candy

5. Hello There

6. Big Eyes

7. Oh Caroline

8. Clock Strikes Ten

9. Southern Girls

10. Come On, Come On

11. So Good To See You

12. Surrender

13. On Top Of The World

14. California Man

15. Auf Wiedersehen

16. Ain't That A Shame (Live)

17. I Want You To Want Me (Live)

18. Dream Police

19. Way Of The World

20. This House Is Rockin'

21. Gonna Raise Hell

22. Voices

23. Writing On The Wall

24. I Know What I Want

25. Need Your Love

26. Can't Hold On

27. Such A Good Girl

28. Take Me I'm Yours

29. Stop This Game

30. Just Got Back

31. Can't Stop It But I'm Gonna Try

32. If You Want My Love

33. She's Tight

34. I Can't Take It

35. Little Sister

36. Tonight It's You

37. Love Comes

38. Standing On The Edge

39. This Time Around

40. Cover Girl

41. The Flame

42. Wrong Side Of Love

43. Ghost Town

44. Back 'n Blue

45. If You Need Me

46. Can't Stop Falling Into Love

47. You Drive, I'll Steer

48. Had To Make You Mine

49. Never Run Out Of Love

50. Didn't Know I Had It

51. Tell Me Everything

52. Anytime

53. Hard To Tell

54. Carnival Game

55. You Let A Lotta People Down

56. Say Goodbye

57. Wrong All Along

58. It All Comes Back To You

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